Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rice anyone?

I have been a total blog failure lately. I know! But I plan to turn it all around this week and get back in the habit. It really is a habit ya know. I also know exactly what de-rails me everytime. When I have things to blog about (like our trip) but I don't have time to do it I start feeling guilty for not writing it down. Then I start to avoid whatever it is that is making me feel guilty....then it snowballs into THIS! Today I decided to bite the bullet, blog about SOMETHING, and then when I have time this week I can write about the trip. We have a travel journal and loads of pictures so it won't be hard to remember, it's just going to take a fair amount of time. I really, really, really want these things written down (with pictures) for my kids. So, today lets talk about rice. Nkay? 
I have always loved the wild rice that you can get at restaurants. It has so much more flavor than just plain rice. Not too long ago I found that Rice A Roni made a wild rice mix. Perfect! It tasted awesome, but it took two boxes to feed my crew with no left overs. I live off of leftovers, so that wasn't cool with me. It just cost too much. I didn't like the whole "boxed dinner" idea either, that just can't be good for ya. So one day I googled "homemade wild rice" and came across this blog post. YES!
Perfection! I feel like my cooking just went from plain to gourmet! I used her recipe almost exactly (I did reduce the amount of garlic powder and add in some chicken bullion) and it tastes wonderful. I store it in a huge canister and fix as much as I want, and it tastes just as good left over. It takes about an hour to cook (simmer) so I usually make it up in a big batch and use it for a couple of meals during the week. So there, if you are a fan of restaurant wild rice, now you can cook it at home!

I'll be back tomorrow! I'm making it a habit again! xo, Sam

PS. The chicken is pan cooked and seasoned with lemon juice and rosemary. So good!


Meghann said...

Kind of a bummer, I love wild rice, but none of my four kids will eat it. Boo.

My dad taught me how to make the chicken and beef versions of Rice a Roni. It's ridiculously easy.

Homemade for the win!