Saturday, October 8, 2011

I started a "Day in the Life" post...

...but I didn't make it past lunch! All is well in the Caffe house once again, thank goodness! Friday was my 32nd birthday and I wanted to document it. We started out pretty early for us, at 8:30, headed to ball room dancing class. 
I stopped and got another load of Caffee kids. :)  
This month is swing dancing! The kids loved it and Molly and Adam caught on pretty quick! 
This is what seems like every homeschooler in Birmingham doing the last "fun" dance before class is over....I sing "The Cha Cha Slide" every Friday for hours after class! After that I fell off the wagon with the picture taking. Bummer, I really wanted to succeed in one of these posts at least once. I'll just give you a run down of the rest of the day though (every Friday is about the same). From dance class we loaded up as fast as we could and headed to eat Pizza with Paw-Paw for Paw-Paw day. The kids and I hung out for a few hours and then we headed to the health food store so that I could spend a little of my birthday money. I got dried lavender and peppermint to make (more) sachets, and some essential oils too. (I have been adding drops to everything from bath water to cotton balls to freshen closets! I love!) We got home just in time to get dressed for Lily and Iris's 4th birthday party. It was adorable. They had a "Tangled" theme and we even got to send off floating lanterns! I think we got home at 11:40 PM, worn out and happy! All-in-all it was a wonderFULL birthday 
Today was spent gearing up for our next big adventure! Starting at the end of the week we will be living like gypsies, moving up the East Coast, in a pop-up camper, with no electricity, for two weeks! We plan to camp the Blue Ridge Parkway. If any of you have camping suggestions or favorite stops along the Parkway please share! This will be our first time to see any of it past the Smoky Mountains. We are so pumped! I hope some of you have been there before, we want to know the best campgrounds, and the best knitting and sewing shops too. xo, Sam


Renata said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you!! We are almost twins ;) My 32nd was just a couple of weeks ago!
Sounds like a wonderful day & I enjoyed seeing what your day looked like!

Anonymous said...

O!!OO!! I have LOTS of Blue Ridge camping suggestions!! I lived in Virginia in Charlottesville and Waynesboro and we hiked and camped all over VA in the mts! And I loooove that area and those mts are one of the most beautiful spots in the whole world that I've seen so far! I'll have to send you a detailed email - you'll have SO much fun!! from Barbara O
O - and happy birthday, too! My *ahem* very old way more than 32 # birthday is today,