Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I pimped our pop-up :)

I decided that if I, the world's biggest home-body, was going to live in a camper (with no electricity) for the next two weeks, that it was going to have to feel a little like home. I needed some color and character before I could call it home for two weeks. I took pictures so that you guys could see the before and afters!




Ben and I made an awning...

I made new slipcovers for the seats...

....and I made curtains from my stash. I didn't have the time or money to go buy a bunch of fabric for this project, so every thing just got patched together wherever it would fit. I usually love the way these type of projects turn out! It's like a surprise ending! In the end, I did love it! And I totally think I can live here for two weeks...maybe even a month next fall when we head to the Grand Canyon and Yosemite (that's the plan anyway). We have decided that we will be campers from here on out, because there is no other way that financially we could see all of these awesome places. At around $16 a night (for National Parks) and then the gas to get you there, we can't afford NOT to see what America has to offer! Look out world, the Caffee Tribe is coming!

If you have any questions about pimping (redecorating) a pop-up, let me know and I will answer those when I get back. We pull out tomorrow morning. I'm going to do my best to try to post while I'm gone, but if I can't, I'll see you guys when I get back! I'm sure I will at least be able to post on Facebook from my phone. Goodbye friends! xo, Sam


Alisa said...

Very, very cute! We have an even uglier tent trailer. I should totally do this to it.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's sooooo cute Samantha!!!!

You're colorful little pop up will be the envy of the camp ground. :)

Tricia said...

My husbands family did the same thing for 2 weeks every summer! His parents slept in the conversion van that had a bed and him and his brother slept in a tent. They stayed at KOA's and went to every state except Hawaii!

We hope to do the same thing. This summer we went to Cape Hatteras, NC and stayed in a cabin @ a campground for 1/4th of the price of a hotel room (slept 6 with AC, had to visit the bath house for restroom). We have done the same thing in Gatlinburg.

We hope to get a pop up very soon! Have Fun!!!

OurGangof7 said...

I love it, it looks totally awesome!!!
I hope you have fun on your trip, can' wait to see some pics.

Marty in KS said...

Very pretty! We have been camping in our self-customized van for around 25 years. We had an awning attached to the side doors but DH doesn't want to have the carrier bars on top any more (that awning was attached to). How did you attach your awning to the top of the camper?

Renata said...

Hi Samantha
It looks just beautiful~ very fun & definitely a lovely place to travel with your family!
I'm after a camper like this, but I have to convince Dave first!
Have a wonderful time away in your little home on wheels!

Robin Hart said...

Look me up when you get to Yosemite area... would love to hug your neck and maybe give you a place to take a hot shower, cook a meal and have electricity for a night... my treat!!

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