Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cabin Fever

Hey friends! I've got a huge case of cabin fever right now! Claire has been sick since Thursday. Friday night she took a major turn for the worst and Saturday morning they had to put her on an antibiotic for a respiratory infection. Sooo stressful and scary! She had to be held almost constantly, even when she took naps. She is feeling better now, thank goodness, and we are a little more rested today. We have been without internet for days (and at times even the phone has been out). My computer is getting enough signal now to get on, but not enough to upload a picture, I hope this will post! On top of it all my husband is pulling double shifts at work to get some extra time for vacation. I may be going crazy people! How weird is it that one or two things can be disrupted in your life (sleep, health, connection to the outside world, your husband's moral support) and it can knock off your equilibrium? It's not like there has been a family tragedy! But that's how it feels when you are living it, doesn't it? I need to remember this feeling when one of the kids (or my friends) are having a breakdown about something simple, it may seem simple to me, but it feels like tragedy to them. Thank you for this lesson Lord! Now can I please have my normal back? Please? :) I miss you guys! xo, Sam


Rebecca said...

Yes, I've been there :( HUGS to you!

Kimmie said...

Hoping your wee one is feeling better now ...hope the rest of the stuff starts falling back into its proper place.

I seriously don't know how Ma Ingals managed...especially the times early on when there was NO ONE else around for miles and miles.

I enjoy reading your blog and watching your creativity.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

BonnieN said...

Oh Sam, this too shall pass. Hate to hear Clair is sick,poor little sweetheart. Hope no one else in the family gets it..that was the usual thing in our family..can you call on your family for a little time out? Even a ride to town would help! Couple of new fat quarters for a new lipstick does it for me! I agree,Ma Ingalls had a hard life when you think of it. My favorite show of all time..but,they were happy.

Renata said...

Hi Sam
We too were without internet for a week & by the end I felt like I was going crazy. It's amazing how much it makes you feel connected with the outside world.
Hope Clare is feeling better