Thursday, September 22, 2011

In 11 more weeks...

It felt like I said "In 11 more weeks." for two months, when people would ask "How much longer before y'all get married?" We couldn't wait! Now it has been 11 YEARS! 12 years ago today is when it really began though. That's when he asked my dad if he could date me. Mom and I hid behind the couch on the floor and listened! That night we talked on the phone until we were falling asleep. It was very serious from the beginning. That was the night he told me that he wanted a house full of kids, and he wanted them to be homeschooled. I told him that we could never go to bed angry, and "I have always had a feeling that having kids won't be easy for me". We decided that if that was true we would just adopt. Six weeks later Mom and I hid behind the couch again and stifled giggles as we listened to Ben ask my Dad if he could just have me for always. Dad said that that would be fine, but there was one condition, Ben had to promise to provide enough for me to be a stay-at-home mama. We set the date to be married a year from the day that we started dating, on a Friday night in late September, I went from being my Daddy's to being Ben's.

(married 6 months, I was graduating from nursing school, Molly was on the way but we didn't know it yet)

It feels like a lifetime ago now! Those things that we talked about that first night seemed like such BIG decisions then, and now they just seem like "life", like the most ordinary little details of our everyday. In some ways a lot has changed since then, but our basic foundation was built that night and has never changed. I love that this story is written in my Life Book. There is another very important story coming soon, one that I'm sure will be written in big bold letters in my whole family's Life Book. I can't wait to share that one with you too. xo, Sam


Bless by Tone said...

what a really cute story. I can't wait for the big news - and congratulations on your anniversary. Tone

Cherishing My Days said...

OH can't wait to hear the news! Happy Anniversary!

what kate wore said...

@Above... what is the news which you both are talking about ?

Crafty Mama said...

Happy Anniversary guys!

MrsDG@TalesFromHomemadeHouse said...

Happy Anniversary! My husband and I were childhood sweethearts, getting together when we were's funny as i look back at those two young, naive children that we were and look at us now...we've changed so much and so dramatically as people but there are some things that just never change, and shouldn't ever! :)

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art house mum said...

Wow, ain't life grand. Isn't it a treat to feel the frenzied excitement of dating slowly turn into a solid old rock of just knowing... May God hold true to His promises. May your family always fall on Him. grace