Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Creative Play and Inspiration

Today I was out on the porch enjoying this cool morning and looking at all of the "signs of life" around me, when it occurred to me, that right here in this little scene I can see a creative process at work. That is so fun to me! That natural, organic, inspired, creative process that happens when kids play. Let me show you around... first in the top right hand corner we have a handmade skate board turned scooter... 
Last week my kids decided to take apart an old store bought skate board and make a cooler one from some scrap wood. Later they decided that it might make a better scooter than skate board so they added the other board to it. Now they have decided to go another route, I don't have a name for the contraption that they are planning to build next yet- I'll keep ya posted. :)
Next we have the beans that are popping up all over my beloved brick path and flower garden. That started a week or so ago when I sent the kids out (Lily, Iris, and Abe were here too) to play kitchen with dry rice and dry beans. They had a big time and had it all over the place by the time they were done! When it was all said and done I said "Just sweep it into the yard!" not thinking anything about it. I thought the critters would eat it up the first night! Nope, a few days later we started to see tiny sprouts in the garden and around my bricks. Molly said "I just learned about that in school yesterday Mom!" so I said "Well just let it grow then, y'all can study it."
Who knows what this porch will look like next week! Last week it was full of muddy trucks with spatulas duck-taped to the top. They called the first one the "Slingshot 4000" and they had contests seeing who could shoot (catapult) wooden blocks the furthest. How could a mama not be inspired in an environment like this? When allowed to flourish, creativity just runs wild in these little minds! What are your kids up to this week? xo, Sam


Julia said...

The fun years and memories being made!

Kathya said...

beautiful post!
My girls 4 and almost 2 are all over the place digging up holes on our lawn. We live in the city so it is almost required to have a nice green, perfect lawn but i, personally don't mind them making holes everywhere. i actually wish we had more plain dirt so they can make mud but maybe next year? trying to convince DH to make a sand patch for them.