Thursday, July 14, 2011


Ben surprised me with a one night getaway to Nashville last week! I was so excited, we haven't been off alone in so long. I love me a good fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-trip. We left Tuesday morning and got back last night (Wednesday), but we packed a lot of fun into our two days away! I packed just one small bag for us, to me that makes it more adventurous for some you may have to make-do or try something new. I also left my big camera at home, so I took pictures using my hipstamatic camera on my phone, I documented the whole trip in pictures....

The morning we left I got up early to pack (packing the day-of makes it more fun too!). While I waited for Ben to get home from the fire station I made this skirt from a thrifted t-shirt -I think I may be addicted to these, but more about that later -and I painted my fingernails with my new green polish. 
Our first stop was at Children's Corner, where I got the pretty voile on the left, and got to chat with our sweet market friends Ginger and Lezette. Their shop was so pretty and the staff were so very friendly. (I'll tell you where the other goods came from when we get there.)

Did I mention that we had a stowaway? :) This little one can only be away from mama for about two hours at a time, so she got to come too.

We ate at Darfons in Nashville, where I think I had the best Greek salad that I have ever tasted. It was so good! And the best part? I didn't cook it or clean up after it! I think that can make canned soup taste better!

When we settled in at the hotel I looked through my bag for these. You see, it's tradition. If anyone goes away and they have to stay away from home they get secret notes in their bag. So sweet.

At the restaurant the night before we decided to visit the Hermitage (Andrew Jackson's home). I went once as a teenager, and loved it, but Ben had never been. It is so interesting and they have done such a good job of preserving it. There was wallpaper on the walls there that had been up for almost 200 years! There were no pictures allowed in his home so I don't have one, but it was beautiful.

This was the inside of Alfred's Cabin, he was an enslaved and later free man who lived at the Hermitage until he died. 

This was the original Hermitage, and when they built the mansion they made it over as a "slave dwelling".

The princess taking a nap....

The gardens were beautiful too, probably my favorite part of the tour after seeing the mansion.

We ate a late lunch at Panera and headed for The Quilting Squares shop in Franklin, TN. That's where I got the Knit Picks needle set. I was so impressed with this shop! They are a sewing/quilting shop AND knitting/crochet yarn shop all in one!

From there we were headed to a book shop to get a gift for the kids and we lucked up on this place, Stitcher's Garden. OH MY GOODNESS. I don't think I have ever seen so much fabric under one roof before in my whole life. She had THOUSANDS of bolts of fabric. It was insane! All of the newest fabrics and all of the old hard to find fabrics...that's where I found the three little pigs fabric. My sister and I have been looking for this stuff for five years! 

I had such a good time away with my sweet husband and new babe. We have been together almost 11 years and we still have fun like a couple of teenagers, I love it! xo, Sam

PS. Skirt tutorial anyone?


Denise said...

What a fun adventure. I was so glad to see your "stow-away," with you. Thanks for the virtual tour.

RachelQ said...

Hey!!!!! You were in my town, Franklin! In fact I used to live 1/2 mile from Stitchers Garden.... Dangerous place indeed!,,,

Loretta said...

Looks like a blast! Glad you all had fun. I love the voile in the photo you shared, do you know who makes it?

Cherishing My Days said...

such fun!! glad you got to get away.
i have that voile! it is one of my hands down favorites, from my favorite fabric designer (and Nashvillian!) Anna Maria Horner (Little Folks voile).
and YES PLEASE on the skirt tute! :)

Cherishing My Days said...

also have to comment on that Greek salad. salad is seriously my favorite food and that one looks DELISH!

janie said...

Hello! I was just in Nashville this week and just discovered a fabric store that is around the corner and less than a mile away from Childrens Corner. It is called Textile Warehouse (I think Wearhouse is the second name?). It is on Franklin Rd (or it might be 8th Ave at that point) next door to Meridian Furniture store. It is the best store I have ever been to and I bet you would like it too!