Friday, July 29, 2011

A Knit Vest~ Cable Practice

Last night, just as it was time to move to the body of this little vest, I decided to add a cable up the left side. (Sort of like the Milo vest.) I wanted to learn something new (mix it up a little!) and I thought that it just might be adorable! My project details ae HERE.
My first attempt at a cable went pretty well, I was surprised at how easy it was! What did we do before YouTube people? We didn't learn to cable at 2am, when all the kids are in bed, so that your mind can grasp a new concept...Then I went to bed at 2:30 and did nothing but dream about cabling (and nurse a baby) until I got up. Do you ever do that? Work in your sleep after you've learned something new? ~xo, Sam


andreak said...

Yes! It makes it so hard to sleep. I LOVE my harmony needles. Just got them in 2 days ago. What size are the ones you are using on these sweaters? I am working on wrist warmers from the book Chicks with Sticks. I made a jumbo cable scarf last fall and I was surprised how easy it was too.