Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spring Cleaning!!

I know it has been quiet here on the blog, but it has been busy, busy, busy, here at home! This week I have finally got to all of that spring cleaning that I wanted to do while I was on bedrest. OH MY GOODNESS. It feels soooo good! I washed all of the curtains, bedspreads/quilts, slipcovers, and pillows. We cleaned all of the windows, baseboards, under beds. I cleaned out couch and chair cushions, closets, drawers, cabinets....You get the idea. My goal was for my house to look as clean and fresh as it did when we first moved in (it was brand new!). I was cleaning cracks with a toothbrush people!

Now that it's done I'm wanting to do a few things to spiff up the decorations a bit. I haven't really done much since we first moved in 8 years ago, and I need a change. I know for sure that I want to slipcover my couch. I have two couches in my living room, one I covered a while back, and the one that's left needs to be done now. It is so nasty! I think I want to cover it in a neutral so that if I want a change all I have to do is change the pillows and I can have any look I want quickly. (Here are a couple of examples.)

I'm trying to find some decorator weight fabric in a khaki or light beige color that is cheap (price not quality). I was surprised to find very few solids in decorator weight fabrics when I looked today. Does anyone know if any of the big stores like Hancocks or Joannes will let you use the 40% or 50% off coupon on that much fabric? I'm wanting to spiff up some other rooms too, cheap DIY style, do you have any favorite projects or links? I can't wait to hear from you guys! This is going to be fun! xo, Sam


Denise said...

Try painting canvases. I slip-covered my gross sofa about 1 year ago and it has been washed many, many times. Still looking great. I used some 5' x 20' pieces because they had no other seams, and I washed them twice before I made the covers, so all the sizing was removed and they softened up considerably. Try and plan to use the hemmed edges so you don't have to add your own hems. Good luck.


Sara said...

denise I was going to suggest the same thing.

Melissa said...

Yes, Joanne's will let you use a coupon on decorator fabric, but only if it is not already on sale. I don't think they have a limit, but not positive. If you want inexpensive slipcover material, the best bang for your buck is drop cloths from Home Depot. They have to be from Home Depot because A. they have the best price, B. they don't piece their drop cloths together like Lowe's does. I bought some at Lowe's and they were obviously two different runs of fabric, because the colors were different. Hope this helps! Oh, and if you need a good tutorial, Miss Mustard Seed has a great one!

Tim, Allyson, and kids said...

I know at Joann's you can use the 40% coupon for a single cut of fabric that is regular priced. The hard part will probably be finding a week when the fabric is not on some type of "sale" :).

Collie-Collie said...

That's a nice spring cleaning through your house!

The first picture I find beautiful. The white bank bank with all the different pillows. It looks great!

Groetjes, Collie

Vicky said...

Isn't the nesting instinct where you clean like a woman possessed supposed to happen before you have the baby?
Don't burn yourself out.
Can't wait to see you redocoration.