Monday, June 20, 2011

Molly made Claire a shirt and some rambling.

Claire and I slept in this morning so the big kids were up first. When we woke up Molly brought this little shirt in and said "I made Claire something while y'all were sleeping." My sweet girl! She has been telling me lately that she really wants to make Claire something. I asked her for the details about her project and this is what she said: "I used some of my play fabric and some lace that I found. I cut sleeves and a neck hole, sewed it up and sewed on the lace. Sewing the lace on was my favorite part." I am always amazed by what my kids can do when I'm not "helping". I think that we parents may not give these munchkins enough credit. She did a pretty good job for not using a pattern!

I love the age difference between these two. Being nine years older Molly gets to really "mama" Claire, and she LOVES it. She enjoys taking care of her, dressing her, and even changing diapers. I love to see her enjoy her baby sister, and it's so helpful too! I love how Claire fits in so perfectly. God really knows what he's doing doesn't he? (Which reminds me, I will have an adoption update in the next post for those of you who have been asking. :)

This little guy has been a big help too! He is really taking over a lot of the outdoor chores around here. Most days lately he feeds all of the animals (that is a big chore around here), collects the eggs, and brings in things from the garden all on his own. He's loving all of the outdoor work with daddy too. 

He wanted me to show you guys his "moon" pepper that he picked this morning from our little garden. I need to take pictures of him in his big garden!

I'll be back with an adoption update. :) xo, Sam


Leslie said...

I love the shirt Molly made! And Jacob, my 10 year old, just said "Ahhh, that's beautiful" when he saw your garden. :) I think he's wishing that ours was that big already, but alas, we have to wait for the sun to find us still. ;)

Laurie said...

You should have seen the first shirt I made for myself at 12. It looked fine, but I sure put the lapel in an interesting way. Good to see Molly using her skills.

I tried to look at the adoption update but am told it is not there.

Anonymous said...

Awww, Sam, I know JUST how you feel!! My son, my oldest, is 5yrs older than my youngest and I LOVED how he would take care of her! He loved to dress her in the morning when she was about a year old and tell her how cute she looked! It still brings tears to my eyes - he'll be 40 soon!
from Barbara O

Cherishing My Days said...

I loved seeing Tim being highlighted. Having 5 girls in our home means our 2 boys have a little less representation in our pics and my blog, just by default. So I try to make sure they get in there once in awhile too. Love his produce and Molly's sewing skills! Claire is still such a doll!