Tuesday, May 17, 2011

After the Storm

It feels like it has been years since Easter! So much has happened and we have been so busy, that I feel like I need to get caught up. This week has really been the most "normal" that we have had since the tornadoes came through. This weekend I even did a little sewing -that I will try to show you in the next few days along with Easter dresses!

Today I want to share some of the pictures that we took the day our little angel, Zoe, was born since so many of you have prayed for them and sent gifts. What an emotional day! The day before was so full of fear, worry, and heartache. Daniel, Cristina, little Luke had been through so much and we were just so thankful that they were all okay, that we were all okay. I'm telling you, I've never been so happy for all of us to be together under one roof in my life! You take those things for granted until something like this happens. When I finally laid my head down at 3:00 that next morning to go to sleep, the thought of all of us being there together, safe, was almost more than my fragile emotions could take, and then when we got up the next morning we realised that our sweet Zoe would be joining us by the end of the day....we were just so grateful.

Here they are! Isn't that a sweet family picture? Zoe came into the world safe, loved, and surrounded by close family and friends, it was such a special day.

This is Cristina's father who had just came in from Romania the night before the storm. When it was all over and we were all safe, we had to laugh, poor guy, it's not exactly the "Welcome to America!" that he expected! But Daniel said that he was as calm as anything all through the storm, he even got pictures of the tornado leaving! We now call him "father-outlaw" (instead of father-in-law). :)

And here is our sweet little Trio of girls, Violet, Claire, and Zoe. :) They were all born within four months, don't you know these three are going to be a mess when they get a little bigger!

Here is Zoe with "Gran" (my mother-in-law). Zoe will never want for a playmate in this family! All of her little cousins, aunts and uncles were waiting anxiously to meet her. They get so excited when new babies are born!

This is her Uncle David holding her here. Do you know that this young man took care of me and the kids while I was on bedrest with Maddie? He was such a sweet boy, and now he will be graduating in a few days. Where does the time go? That's Aunt Holly in the black shirt, yeah she's posing. She stops and does that little pose anytime she sees anyone with a camera. The nice young man in the plaid shirt is a close family friend (and honorary Caffee) Michael, we all grew up in the same church.

Here she is with Sid. I don't think I've ever mentioned Sid here on the blog have I? He has been a good friend of ours for as long as I can remember. Another honorary Caffee. :) He married Ben and I and he is a part of everything we do as a family, including family vacation! He was with us the day of the tornado. When the other men left to go get Daniel and Cristina and all of us mamas and kids were crying, just beside ourselves with fear, he was the one we turned to to pray. I don't think I'll ever forget all of us huddled around Sid in the hallway of my mother-in-law's house crying and praying for their safety.

Today I felt like I should introduce you all to the people that you have "adopted"! Thank you so much for all of the prayers and support that you have given them! It has been truly amazing to see how God brings people together in times of need. xo, Sam


little bit of almost heaven said...

Sam, if you know of a family in need of some nice used furniture, i have a living room suit, and dinette set. i am getting some new stuff soon, and would love to give it to someone who can use it rather than give it to goodwill or something and have them turn around and sell it. its still in good shape, just a little worn. please let me know, thansk.

Kimberly said...

Sam, Glad life is getting back to some form of normal for y'all!

Goosegirl said...

Oh Sam, I just cried reading this. I know your family and extended family has been through so much and lost so much. But you are all so so so blessed in children!!! What a huge gift! To see all your children growing up together, surrounded by so much love and family history and faith, makes me weepy. You are all a giant miracle. Thank you for sharing your family with us.