Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Babymoon

Tonight I was looking through all of the pictures on my phone and though they aren't perfectly in focus, and the lighting isn't always right, they make me so happy! Each and every one is just the way I want to remember our babymoon. So tonight uploaded a few to share with you. This first one is when Claire was just hours old, she was hanging out with her best girl Violet. They have decided that even though they are cousins, they want to play twins with Lily and Iris's old clothes! I can't wait!!!

Here she is getting rid of some of that jaundice in the sun. On this day we sat here in front of the window in my big chair, with her stripped down to her diaper, and nursed all day long....Seriously, is there anything better than nursing a little bare baby?

This one was taken after a pretty long night. Molly had stayed up late with me the night before and when I got up early the next morning she held Claire (and fell back asleep) while I got the coffee going. So sweet!

Claire already likes to be played to, and around here she gets to enjoy a good session at least once a day. With her long fingers she'll probably be joining in before we know it!

Maddie LOVES being a big sis! She requested and posed for this picture, my little camera hog. :)

Maddie took this one the other night as I was stealing kisses from Claire's soft little neck. Aren't those neck kisses the best?!

Daddy showing off her first manicure...

Stylin' and profilin'. 

This is what I like to call "milk drunk". You know the look! It's when their little faces are just covered in milk, and you can't wake them up for nothing. It's my favorite.

Tim took this picture of Nana (my mama) on a Claire visit. Claire likes when Nana and Papa come, she told me the other night that she can't wait to go camping with them when she gets older. ;)

Every night little Claire gets passed around for that one last "hold" before bed. Tonight Tim and Claire fell asleep during their last makes me think of the other morning when he leaned over her cradle and told me "Mama, I'm gwad (glad) she wuttin a boy." I love that he loves to take care of his girls.

She was twelve days old today. It's crazy how one little baby can have an entire family completely wrapped around her tiny finger in just twelve days. We are just so grateful to have her! And we are so thankful for all of these special family moments that have made the last twelve days so memorable. I feel like the most blessed mama in the world! xo, Sam


Goosegirl said...

Oh Sam, I just love all the photos. You are all so very blessed. She is just wonderful. Your family all looks so beautiful and happy and in love.

Enchanted Moments said...

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous girl, new born babies are just the bees knees...I am weaning, my two and a half year old, dont know why it has taken her this long, but I have been a willing mummy for as long as my babies want me complaints from me, and that pic of milky chops just made me smile very , very much....I will miss nursing babies so much my heart will ache...but I have three beautiful children and I have done my absolute best, ....enjoy your sweet Suzanne, Australia

Amanda Haller said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful. What a wonderfully sweet family you have. Congrats again.

Beach Mama said...

Absolutely precious! I don't think there is a chance that this girl will be spoiled in the least...NOT! So glad everyone is enjoying the Babymoon.

Rachel said...

So sweet! Thank you for sharing. I am so happy she is doing well.

Cherishing My Days said...

Oh! Such sweet, loving siblings. I love pics like that. Enjoy your time these first fleeting days!

SHEILA said...

You surely are blessed, and so is Claire to have such a loving family. I bet if you didn't nurse, you might never get to hold her!

Ellie Inspired said...

She is so sweet! Love all the close-up photos. I swear I can smell that sweet baby smell right through the monitor! :) Enjoy her - she is precious!