Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ice in Alabama?

Yep, we got us a little winter storm this weekend and we still haven't quite recovered. Schools, roads and businesses have been closed this week and we've just been as happy as pigs here at home. Alabama isn't really equipped to handle ice and/or snow (since this sort of thing only happens once every few years), we don't have snow plows or road crews so it completely shuts us down. I couldn't be happier! We mostly got ice in our area, it's sort of like a giant snow cone has been dumped out over our house. The kids have had a blast! Here are my girls looking like little snow angels. Boy am I glad that we hunted down those snow suits last year! The only thing the kids have had to make do with are gloves. They have used their work gloves and that seems to work well for the amount of time they stay out. You know southerners can't handle the cold for too long! 

The first thing I thought when the weather man started predicting snow and ice was "Yes! Everyone will get to wear their wool hats!" Was that great timing or what? I finally got a picture of Ben in his hat, and it doesn't get more perfect than snow as a backdrop!

Ben made the kids a sled out of an old pool lining that was in my Dad's cellar. What's that old song? "A Country Boy Can Survive?" Ha! You wouldn't believe all of the things we have used as sleds in my life! My all time favorite has to be the car hood that we took off of a junk car behind my uncles garage the year that I was thirteen. We got an all out, once in a lifetime, blizzard that year! We didn't go to school or have power for almost two weeks, we cooked on camp stoves, and all slept in the living room on mattresses around the fireplace. We also had another family get snowed in with us! I bet we rode that car hood down the steep road in front of my Nanny's house a hundred times. THAT was a good year!

This storm was nothing like the blizzard of "93" but my kids have had fun. Tim even let me get another picture of him in his hat. You see my babies (goats) there in the background? They have no idea what to think of this white stuff.

I quickly realised while proudly looking around at the wool hats that not everyone had a mama-made-hat. This little ham didn't! My Madeline got a pair of leg warmers, which she loved, but no hat! So I guess you know what I'm working on now. Yep, another hat. This time I wanted a little more challenge so I've been working on this little number. I think I have it all figured out now though it did take me some time to understand how it would work out. I'm hoping to finish the hat up tonight and then maybe she will want to do a little photo shoot with the hat and leg warmers. She told me the other day "Mom, I love for people to take pictures of me" Silly girl!

I'll be back soon with more knitting. Stay warm friends! xo, Sam


Sonja said...

Great Times!!! We are too far south in Alabama to get snow. You all enjoy it enough for your family and mine. ;0)

Julia said...

What fun! AT Christmas when we had snow, my grands used the lid to a plastic storage tub to sled on until my brother brought a real disc thingy. We don't get this much snow around here either. We actually got 8 inches! Your kids look so happy and excited. The hats all look great.

Nabila Grace said...

Looks like everyone had fun! We are enjoying it here in Chattanooga! ;o)

LadySnow said...

Using car hoods to sled are the best! Especially since you can fit like 10 people on one. :-)

Kristin said...

There's an award for you at my blog!! Please, stop by and see it. :)

Heather G said...

What fun! you look like your are living my redneck wannabe life (I'm not quite there yet but working on it- we're getting chickens in the spring!!) We actually got 7 1/2 inches of snow up here in Hazel Green, AL and Huntsville had over 8"!! Second largest snowfall on record! I am LOVING those hats you have knitted!