Monday, December 6, 2010

She has decided to grow out her bangs... I decided to get to work on some cute hair accessories to make the next few months a little easier. I started gathering supplies a few weeks back when she first made her decision. I figured that this was a good  time to have a sit-down job like this!

I let Maddie pick out a lot of the materials, and you know my Maddie, she loves her some sparkle! Most of what she chose seemed to be sequined tulle, that sassy girl.

When I went to the fabric store I just got 1/8 or 1/4 yard cuts of everything that the girls liked and it didn't cost more than a few dollars. It really doesn't take much to make a flower or bow and tulle is pretty cheap!

I ordered FOE (foldover elastic) from Sew Sassy to make the headbands with. The girls really like the way the FOE feels, Molly says that it doesn't give her a headache like most headbands do, and the colors are so cute. I ordered the double pronged alligator clips from THIS ebay store for a very reasonable price. So now I am set! I've got plenty of supplies to make as many bows as my little fashionista could want and I've got plenty of sit-down time to do it in.

Oh my goodness!!! And guess what! I just got a call (while writing this post!) from my sis-in-law Cristina, and she's HAVING A GIRL!!!!! YAY! She said "Sam, I need to buy you some tulle so we can make her some headbands!" and I said "Girl, I've got it handled! Don't you worry about a thing!" Another sweet niece!!! YAY! Well, I better go get busy! Have a wonderful day all, I know I will! xo,Sam


LadySnow said...

The hair accessories are so sweet! You did a wonderful job. And yay for another niece! :-)

Anonymous said...

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