Friday, December 10, 2010

More Flowers!

I've been making hair flowers again. They look so sweet in Molly and Maddie's hair! I can use them on my sweaters too, I just work the prongs of the alligator clip between the threads and they look so cute. It makes me so happy to have a little stash of them around! They work well for so many things, I plan on clipping them to the FOE headbands too....happiness. :)

I really miss sewing and designing, but these little projects are keeping me busy for now. I have a few "little designs" that I've been wanting to work on and I'm hoping I can start on them soon. I've started feeling much better in the last few days as my body has begun to adjust to the new preterm labor medicine (Procardia). The side effects are wearing off little by little so I hope to get a little time in at the machine! 

I can't believe that Christmas is so close! I had grand sewing and crafting plans for Christmas this year, but with all that has been going on I've had to let go of most of them.....there is just no sense in adding stress this year, a healthy baby is much more important, and the handmade gifts can wait. 

It looks like we have a full weekend ahead of us, celebrating Christmas with family and friends, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend too! I'll be back next week with Christmas tree pictures. xo, Sam


{ MELBOURNE ROAD } said...

Glad your meds are kicking in!
The hair pretties are SWEET!

Renata said...

These look lovely! You have been busy!
Glad the meds are working!
Have fun & get lots of rest & take care of yourself

Enchanted Moments said...

I think the baby you are making is MUCH more important than making other things at the moment...take care......x

Andrea said...

I love the flowers! I have 2 girls I have been making them for and am gathering idea - yours look great!