Sunday, September 5, 2010

Long Weekends

Ben and I have enjoyed a weekend alone while the kids have been camping with my Mom and Dad, and I just miss'em so bad I can't stand it! I even woke up early thinking about how bad I just wanted to kiss their little faces and smell their dirty little heads! EARLY people, like 5am know there is something wrong if mama is out of bed doing laundry before eight o'clock! But you see I have this plan! The kids will be at church this morning and Ben just left for the firehouse, so I'm cleaning up, packing my bags, going to go to church to kiss my kids until they are sick of me, and then follow them back down to camp and crash the party! I've shared their little kisses and smells all I'm willing. Nana and Papa will just have to keep me too :) Then I guess I will have to come back home Monday evening with them and be in a flurry of sewing and preparing for market....but I'll not think of that now. Nope. I'll just think about how sweet those dirty little kisses are gunna be!

I'll see you guys next week! I hope your long weekend is wonderful! Oh and be ready, there is going to be a little surprise popping up here soon....xo, Sam


Kuky said...

Wow a weekend alone. We haven't had a weekend alone in almost 5 years. FIVE!!

ShirleyC said...

I know it's always bittersweet when the kids are gone. I never liked being away from my kids when they were little, and I'm not too far away now. LOL

Renata said...

I hope you had a fun time!
It's strange how much we miss our kids when they are away even though we try & tell ourselves this is our freetime!
Have a great rest of your week