Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ben and Sam

Monday, after an exhausting day at market, we were sitting at Cracker Barrel waiting on our food when all the employees start chanting one of those restaurant-birthday-tunes, I think "hmmm...We have a birthday coming up.....who's is it?....Oh, it's mine......No but there's something else.....What comes before my birthday?....Oh! Our anniversary!" I turn to look at Ben and say "Babe! Oh my goodness! It's almost our tenth anniversary!" He says "Oh yeah! It is! I totally forgot!" I reply (totally not offended because he usually remembers before me) "Me too!"

Then tonight, we were getting ready for bed and I looked at my phone and noticed the date "Oh yeah, our anniversary is this week sometime. What day is it?" He replies "I don't know, I forgot again." I say "Me too, my phone reminded me!" Then he says with a laugh "Ten years and we can't remember our anniversary!"

Nope, we can't.....and that's just the way I like it. Not a day goes by that I don't feel special, we still laugh and play, and have a good time together...I still get excited when he comes through the door, and he never needs an excuse to treat me like a princess.....I love him and feel loved more every day. We don't have to wait on a special day to do any of that! Next month we plan to take a little side trip on our way home from Quilt Market in Texas. We're going to call it our tenth anniversary trip...but if we forget to call it will be alright, because I'll still know that I'm his girl, and he will still be my Ben.

By the way..."Ben and Sam" was on the front of our wedding invitations! So many people have called me Sam all my life that we were afraid they wouldn't know who Samantha was! I'll try to get a picture of that up sometime this week.....if I remember :)


Renata said...

Happy Anniversary!! Our 10th was the end of last year - we went away for the night, but that's the most we've ever done for an anniversary - in fact Dave forgot our 8th!
Have a wonderful week & enjoy celebrating 10 years of marriage!

Very Verdant said...

Happy Anniversary!

susan@tickledpaisley said...

Awwww! Happy Anniversary!

Goosegirl said...

Happy anniversary Sam and Ben!! And you get to celebrate as often as you want! I pray the Lord blesses you with an amazing time.

cjoy said...

Happy Anniversary!! I love every year with my husband - it's better and better. We're about 2 weeks from our 13th now.
By the way - Samantha is the #1 name for our little girl so far....seeing you talk about your name on our wedding invitations made me want to tell you - clearly, you've got a good name!

Jess said...

Happy Anniversary!

Vicky said...

Happy Anniversary Ben & Sam.

**CRYSTAL** said...

WOW!! Its been 10 years ALREADY?!?!?! You wedding was so BEAUTIFUL! And your dress was AMAZING!! Of course Im a little partial to the maker :) I think you should post some wedding pics too! I remember Ben looking over at me during the ceremony and laughing cause I was BALLING LOL... Where has the time gone?? CONGRATS on 10 years! I love you Sam! VBFFL hehe

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, whenever it is!! I still remember them playing the Hallelujah chorus for ya'll when you left the sanctuary. What a joyful occasion!

Love ya girl,