Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why, Hello!

We are back in the land of the living!!! Maddie was feeling well by Friday, but we were still behind on sleep. We lounged around all weekend and again yesterday and we are feeling much better all the way around now. Boy it's good to be back! My sweet baby had a pretty rough go last week and it nearly broke my heart. I am SO GLAD it's all over so quickly! She's a little rotten (spoiled) from the whole thing (you know the getting whatever you want because you're sick stuff) but I guess we can work on that now.

One morning she woke to the sound of little tweets. Ben had stopped by the post office on his way home from the station and picked up these sweet little chickadees! Of course Maddie thought that they were just for her since she was sick, and who are we to bust a bubble like that?? So Maddie has thirty something new babies, that got to stay in the house and be loved on for two days, before they moved out to the brooder. I took this picture really quick when Ben was headed out to the brooder with them in this bucket. How cute is that? A bucket of little chicks! We have a thing for babies (of any kind) around here ya know.

We have had record heat during the last two weeks, which for us, means staying in a lot more than we are used to. I know up north people have to stay in from the cold, but down here we have to hide from the heat for a few weeks every summer. The kids have been trying to go out in the evenings when it's not so hot because they are afraid they are going to miss out on "frog catching season". They have been pretty lucky this summer too! They caught a whopper the other night! That thing was huge, as big as my hand! A week or so ago they caught a little frog that wasn't much bigger than my thumb nail.

Another thing that's been keeping us occupied is Netflix. They have some wonderful science and nature documentaries up for instant viewing. We watched "Yellowstone : Battle for Life" on Saturday, and it was so impressive! We loved it! Ben has been there in the summer before, but after watching we decided that we are all gong to go one day after our kids are home from Bulgaria. In fact we have been dreaming of a cross country adventure that will last an entire summer and include all of the most famous national parks. We hope to have a camper just packed full of kiddos (of all kinds) :).

So that's what I've been up to! What's going on with you?! Have I missed anything? Anybody having a baby, got a referral, working on a project?? What are you doing to beat the heat? I sure miss you guys! xo, Sam


Alisa said...

Welcome back, Samantha! Believe it or not, we are also staying in because of the heat (in BC, Canada.) We've had temps over 35 Celcius. Lucky for me, my sewing machine is in the basement where it's cool.

Glad your little one is doing better! I experienced chicken pox this past winter with 2 then 3 of them having it at the same time. Really stretches the patience, that's for sure!

Laurie said...

I'm glad to hear everyone is feeling better.

I'm taking a stay vacation for a couple of days. Moved all the sewing equipment from upstairs to the kitchen. It has been very hot here in Michigan. These last two days have been in the mid 70's degrees F range. Beautiful!

cjoy said...

I'm so glad she's feeling better!

Love the bucket of chicks most of all...too cute! We're staying out of the heat a lot, too, but our new house at a horse ranch means my son is out in it a TON trying to help the ranch hands, which I think is fabulous. He's in heaven.

And yesterday, I found out I'm having a baby girl. Makes my family complete.... :)

Anna said...

Glad your family is well again and back to life. Those chickadees are adorable in the bucket. I am finishing up a knit afghan that has been on the needles for going on 5 years now. It will be done this week. Then I can get to my pile of sewing which has been sitting dormant while I madly work on this afghan.

little dresses said...

Now you know if it's hot in Canada it's HOT down here! I wish we had a basement during months like this. I haven't been in the loft for the last two weeks because it's so hot up there the AC can't even keep up. I sure miss it! Our heat index was like 110 one day last week! I am so ready for fall!

You know I've thought of moving my machines back downstairs for a few weeks too. I have a place in my bedroom where they could stay for a while.....you may have just given me a good idea. If Ben gets mad at me for invading his office area I'll blame it on you! LOL! You don't mind do ya? LOL!

A girl!!!!!!!!Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!! Let me send you a pattern as a baby gift! Which one do you need?? Oh my goodness a girl!!!! You are going to have such a good time sewing! I think I'm a little jealous! I'm secretly hoping that my sis Rae has another girl this time :) I think she may be wanting a boy though to even things up for little Abe. Email me at mamacaffee@hotmail.com with your address and what pattern you want, I can't wait!!!

Did you just say FIVE YEARS?? Oh my, you have wayyyy more patience than this girl here! I have never crocheted anything full sized before. I thought I was doing good when I finished my granny square baby blanket. You ROCK.


Debbie said...

Welcome back! I'm glad to hear everyone is well.

Vicky said...

Glad to her Maddie is feeling better now. Poor thing.
So cute, the chickens in a bucket.
So jealous of eveyone having lovely hot summer weather... Its pretty miserable over this side of the pond!

Cherishing My Days said...

Welcome back to you! So glad to hear your little one is better.
We are getting ready to have tons of family here in Vegas (I feel your pain with the heat!), I'm getting ready to start online classes again, and we're all getting ready for our 7th baby coming before Thanksgiving. Busy, busy! :)

Smart Casuals said...

Great !

Anonymous said...

Sam - love the chix!! Please be careful going out at dusk on hot summer days, I never knew this till my sweet old lab got bit by a copperhead but the snakes are out then, too, and they are so slow and lazy from the heat, almost dazed the vet said, that they can't get out of your way quick enough like they usually do and are cornered and forced to strike so be on the watch
from Sparkle aka Barbara O.