Friday, July 30, 2010

Seriously? Has it been almost a week?

Summer is just about to kill me people! I am so ready for school to start back so that I can have my peaceful routine back! Summer is wonderful, don't get me wrong, but it is sooooo incredibly busy (swimming, water park, parties, swimming). I need my routine back.

(My little nephew Abe at the pool today. How stinkin cute is that kid?)

I wanted to tell you about a few random things this week so I'm just going to do a list. I love lists. they make me feel so 'together' on days like this.

The List:

1. I'm on day 19 of being a vegetarian and I don't really miss anything except for the occasional carbonated beverage (which isn't allowed on our plan). Oh how I love my not-so-good-for-me Diet Sunkist. I don't miss meat at all! We have a few favorite recipes now that I hope to share soon. My favorite has to be mushroom quesadillas, they totally rock. Ben has lost almost 20 lbs and I have lost at least 10, so the weight seems to be coming off easily. I think the most rewarding thing for me is that I feel good about what I'm eating.  Where some days before this I may have eaten 500-600 calories a day of good quality nutrition and the rest were empty or poor quality calories, now I get at the very least 1100 calories a day of good quality calories and nutrition. I feel really good about that. This ole body needs all the help I can give it.

2. I found more audio books that you may like (FREE ONES!!!) by Isabella Alden, Grace Livingston Hill's Aunt. You can find them here. I have read a couple of her books and they are very good, and a lot like Grace's. :)

3. I've listened to The Enchanted Barn as I fall asleep every night since I found it. I heart that book.

4. I haven't used my camera near enough this summer and I know I'm going to be mad at myself for that later... so I'm going to post a picture everyday for the next seven days to get my lazy self back in the habit of having my camera attached to me at all times. These kids are growing up way too fast for this kind of laziness!

5. Speaking of lazy....when I have been home, and not out doing all of those summer time things in the last couple of weeks, I have been the QUEEN of laziness! It's like the heat has went to my head! I totally need to get over this. My kids are wanting clean socks and underwear again. The nerve, right?

(Seriously, these are the only pictures I have from the last week. Pathetic. Oh, and I didn't even take them, Ben did.)

6. The kids and I went on a little geocaching adventure the other day. We seem to have a lot of local spots so I want to plan to do more of those when it cools off. Fall will be perfect for this. I can't wait!

7. I'm getting the itch to do some thread crochet again (remember this). I may make doilies, I may make a yoke for a fall dress or shirt for me or the girls....I don't know. I've also thought of doing some of those covered rocks I'm seeing everywhere. What do you think? Have you seen any new or cool ideas lately? Link me up!


Susan said...

This summer heat is fueling my laziness too!! Do post a recipe for those mushroom queso's - they sound delicious!!

muralimanohar said...

Huh..I could have SWORN I posted about the vegetarian recipes on my blog before! Anyway, I have a bunch..and pretty darn yummy, if I do say so myself (I am lacto veg, though..can't remember which you are following.)

Also..carbonated sodas...what part are you objecting to? The carbonation, or the mainlining liquid sugar? Cause if it is the latter, health food stores now carry Zevia brand soda, sweetened with stevia, rather than sugar, that taste pretty good, in a diet kind of way. And they have orange flavor. :p Those things are a GODSEND for my diabetic ds, who is also not allowed (by me) to consume those gawdawful artificial sugars.

School has already started back up here...tragedy! (I homeschool, and SO love the summer break, lol)

Tami said...

Good for you on the diet! I've been vegetarian for over 20 years and went vegan 6 years ago because my son has food allergies and I was nursing him. I have a sewing & food blog and post recipes and/or links, if you're interested.