Monday, July 12, 2010

Just so you know...

Hey guys! We are headed out to the boulder field again this morning to do a little climbing, but I wanted to tell/ask you about a few things before we leave.

I'll explain the shoes first. Back when I was "embellishing" my own Sanuks I promised the first three people who asked that I would do a pair for them too. You know how that works...a lot of people started asking and then I realised that my fingers wouldn't be able to keep up! My fingers are sore for days after just one pair! Three pair I can handle, 30 pair, not so much. Luckily Crys (AKA Crystal, my best childhood friend) was one of the first to ask. Crys had her 30th birthday last week and her friend Amy and I worked out a way to get this pair to her by her birthday. Her favorites were my hippie shoes, so I just did the same design in different colors. She said that she really liked them!

Now the other thing I wanted to talk about......I'm hungry just thinking about of today, Ben and I are vegetarians for the next 28 days. There are several reasons why we chose to do this, but the main reasons are feeling better, weight loss, and to kinda try it on for size (you never know, we've heard that some people never go back). We are still eating eggs and dairy (isn't that vegan when people don't eat dairy or eggs?) but no meat and we are restricting our calories. The only problem is that I need recipes! Do any of you have any good ones? Send me a link! Anyone have any tips or tricks for surviving the first few days? I've heard they can be pretty brutal. And have any of you ever tried this with success? Tell me, I need all of the motivation I can get! Help! xo, Hungry Mama


JLI said...

The shoes are just darling!! What a nice little talent you have there...not to mention a very creative mind!

Sorry I can't help on the whole recipe thing. It would be a dark, dark day if my husband ever said "I don't think I want to eat meat anymore." Then I'd have to take him to the ER to get his head examined! A meal isn't a meal without meat in it...likewise, a pizza isn't a pizza with vegetables. Hello Meat Lovers!

As for me, I could totally forgo meat and be perfectly content. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Beans, beans, beans!! That will help you with your protein cravings. Peanut butter is also good. I have a few favorites that I love, you can google and try all the varieties out there. Black Bean burgers, Yum!
Red lentil soup, double yum.
Also another great website to look at is tasty kitchen, under special diet needs. I am by no means a vegetarian but I do take a break from meat every now and then.

Kim said...

First off, the shoes are adorable!

Okay, vegetarian: We do a Daniel Fast from time to time, and there are a lot of helpful online resources for that. My number one bit of advice would be: Be careful that you don't add unhealthy additives to go meatless! A lot of processed vegetarian foods have MSG and stuff added to make up for the lack of animal products.

Our favorite meatless dishes are: tomato soup, lentil soup, split pea soup, potato soup (yeah, a lot of soups.) Also, stir fry is just as good without the meat - just add some almonds! How about homemade pizza, whole wheat crust, with cheese and veggies? And once on a Daniel fast we discovered that we LOVE homemade pimento cheese - cheddar cheese, pimentos and mayo, all to taste. Not so good for weight loss, but sooo yummy!

Anonymous said...

I don't know that I could mirror image free form hand embroidery like that, those are really cute!

Anonymous said...

the vegetarian/vegan thing is something i've been working on as well. vegan means no animal products whatsoever. but kim is right - beware that you don't eat a bunch of processed fake meat. it's not that great for you, which is kinda the point right?

here's my favorite vegan recipe. it's not really a recipe, just something i did one night and we love it enough to make it often.

basically it's a soft taco without any animal products. i saute whatever veggies i have - usually mushrooms, corn, bell pepper, onion and some halved cherry tomatoes towards the end. i spread vegetarian refried beans on a big tortilla, jam pack it with sauteed veggies, then grill it in a pan for a few minutes or microwave to heat it up.

add salsa and homemade guacamole (i just add lime or lemon juice to an avocado and cilantro if i have it. honestly - i never miss the cheese/sour cream (though i love them both).

fat free vegan blog is a great source of recipes. vegan hope blog is a great source all around. and the engine 2 diet is a great book.

hope that helps!

Melissa Williams said...

The shoes are darling!

Here's my favorite vegetarian recipe. I hope you make this. It is really easy and yummy. It was given to my mother by a family friend, so it's been around awhile.

1/2 cup Wheat germ
1 cup Rolled oats
1/2 teaspoon Poultry seasoning
1/2 Onion
1/3 cup Barbeque sauce
1/3 cup Shredded mozzarella, Parmesan, Swiss, or other like cheese
2 Eggs

Mix all ingredients and let rest 5 minutes to bond. Fry in spaghetti sauce for about 15 minutes.

Lise said...

I decided to "try" being vegetarian in college, and just see how long I could do it. 21 years later, I still am. You can do it! When I started out, I was pretty much a "cheesatarian"--I ate tons of cheese and bread and not enough veggies. But I've improved, with cookbooks and good-cook friends, and especially with farm bounty that I have to find uses for. Cookbooks--anything Moosewood! Another new recent fav. is "Feeding the Whole Family." (It's not vegetarian, but has lots of vegetarian recipes.) And my best tip is not to feel like you have to have a "main entree" and a bunch of sides. I often find it easier just to plan lots of things that together are satisfying. Good luck!

Brenda said...

I have a recipe for vegetable manicotti that my family loves. Here is a link to the recipe on my blog.

Molly said...

I have cut way down on the meat in our house, too...but definitely not all the way out. And I pretty much only do chicken and fish now. I love, love, LOVE this cookbook:
It has tons of great, healthy recipes with natural ingredients and ways to combine foods to get complete proteins, etc., without using meats. Plus, TONS of great bread recipes. It has become my "go to" cookbook these days.

Kim said...

I love those shoes, but I am sure your fingers DO hurt!!

We tried this about 3 years ago, and now eat about 85% Vegetarian. You totally can do this.

Beans are going to be your friend. And quinoa. I love the Fat Free Vegan's blog, she has some good recipes. Also VegWeb is a good resource.

Good luck!

Cat said...

I love the color scheme on the shoes!! They are awesome!

I don't know anything about vegetarian diets--but I REALLY like a good veggie burger. I'm sure there are great recipes out there.

Aurora said...

I have quite a few goodies on my blog:
About a year ago out of pure laziness, started cutting meat from my diet and lost a little weight. I do simple things like making my normal spaghetti sauce without meat, or stir fry with no meat. Also love fettucine alfredo, but it's pretty fattening. Things like that are supe reasy and don't take much effort! Good luck and good for you!

Anonymous said...

My friend has a blog totally devoted to all thing Vegan (no eggs/dairy either), but I'm sure you could find lots of recipes at her site.

Trista said...

OMG, i want those shoes so bad!!!!! Please tell me how your vegan experience goes, I have been thinking about but I have a feeling my husband would keel over with a heart attack considering he is a MEAT manager at Albertson's. I have thought about just giving up all meat but fish too, I don't know though.

Please go to my blog to pick up your award 'A Blog With Substance'

Cindy said... the shoes!!! Your friend will love them I am sure!!!

As for going no meat....I am sure you know I am 99.9% vegetarian. I eat about 2 bites of chicken every 6 months or so. I don't even have meat in my house most of the time. I have lots of vegetarian recipes since I've lived this way for over 20 years now. Our favorites are veggie goulash, burritos, couscous with beans and veggies, bean burgers, etc. I stay away from all fake meat products though because I try to avoid soy products. You can easily do this and enjoy it!!!

quixotic said...

SO lovely and inspiring!!Thanks for sharing your art!
It so nice of you to make it for other people! Very generous!

Becky said...

Crys loves the shoes! I can't wait to see them in person (mostly because that means I'll get to see my sister!) These years apart from my family are for the birds!
I think it is great you guys are going vegetarian! I wish I had the time and money to do the same!

Love you guys!

handmade toddler clothes said...

Those shoes are really cute.

Gracie said...

Check out The Daily Green at they have some fabulous recipes and some great links to some awesome vegetarian cook books!