Saturday, June 12, 2010

At home this week...

Wow I didn't mean to stay gone so long! My computer is finally up and running again (which is good) but I have to admit....I sort of liked my computer vacation. I think a little laptop vacation is good for a body every now and then. We had a great week on my little vacation and now I'm back to tell you all about it!

Our week started out with these two little munchkins! My nieces Lily and Iris got to spend the night and that meant that I ("Aunt Panta") got to get as many kisses as I wanted for two days! And I got to be a part of those sweet just-woke-up moments that aunts don't get a lot was so heavenly! I woke up super early and went back to sleep on the couch so that I would be the first to hear them get up. When I heard Iris stirring I ran in to find this....How stinkin cute is that?

They woke up excited about feeding the animals! The first thing they did was look out the window to see them all lined up at the gate waiting for breakfast. What's so funny is they have a freak-out if an animal even touches them, but if there is a gate between them, they are as cool as they can be.

We did a little parade through the house waking everybody up. Ya know, somehow nobody grumbles when Lily and Iris are the ones saying "wate-up"....hmmm....

Then Saturday was our official "family work day" around the farm. While Ben was loading the stuff onto the tractor I took this picture of my sweet Molly. They aren't allowed to go into the gate with the animals unless they have on shoes, and she didn't have hers on since we were headed to the garden to pull weeds, so she just sat down next to them and talked to them through the fence. She loves those animals like a little sweet.

Oh boy, it was a hard day to be working outside! It was so HOT! But we all pitched in and got it done. Maddie's not too bad at pulling weeds for one her age.

I called her my "bucket girl" because for most of the time we stuck together and if I needed the bucket closer she moved it to me. That baby sacked out about an hour after we got back up to the house! She worked hard!

While we pulled weeds we made up silly stories about how we wished we didn't have weeds or how we wished it wasn't so hot. There were so many good ones! Molly wished that it would snow to cool us off, Maddie wished that all of the weeds would die, Tim wished that he was inside (my practical boy), Ben wished for Spring time weather year around, and I wished that I could send the weeds an eviction notice and they would just leave of their own free will.

Ben told us all about how these very same buckets were used by his grandfather, Papa Clevenger, for the same purpose. Then we talked about how in the old days this is how everyone lived and worked together. Ben told them "You know back then everybody had to have a garden to feed their family, and everyone had to work if they wanted to eat. They couldn't just run out to the grocery store." Molly said "I love our garden, but I'm glad we have grocery stores!"

This coming week we are headed to the beach with some friends who own a condo. They say that the beach and water are just covered in oil. Ben and I talked about staying home since we won't be able to swim, but we finally decided that it would be good for the kids (and us) to see the mess first hand. Sometimes experiences like that can change the way we think forever. My little hippie heart just hurts when I think of what this is doing to all of our sea life, and the families that depend on it to survive....I don't know if I will be able to post while I'm there, but check in with us on Facebook. I'll post pictures and updates as much as I can with my phone. Hopefully before I come home I will have found a way to help out. Do any of you want to join in?

I'll be back soon friends! xo, Sam


Debbie said...

Wonderful garden, and farm. I'm envious ;) Have a wonderful time at the beach, anyway!

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks so nice and green. What are the plants that are next to your daughter that she is weeding around?

CT said...

Love ALL the photos!!!!!! what a great weekend!

jenn said...

Your garden and your children are precious! I know you know that!
You should look at Craft Hope, project 8 is helping with the oil spill.. here is the link:

they are also on fb, have a great vacation!

Christi (Saucier) Clark said...

Love the garden. I really wanted one this year, but it didn't happen with the pregnancy. Now, I get more time to spend inside at my sewing machine. My Miss Molly is finished and I think it turned out well. I'll have to send pics when hubby gets around to taking them.

If you don't get to swim, stop by Auburn on the way home and we'll throw the kids in the pool. Hopefully by then, this baby will be here too!!!

Side note: I love seeing Ben's Bible sitting right on the bedside. That is such a great way to wake up in the morning.

Mama Lusco said...

I can't believe how big your garden plants are! Our are finally sprouting cause we were getting snow one month ago.

I just read that Craft Hope is making wash cloths to help clean animals. Details here:

Hope you can enjoy your little vacation!

little dresses said...


Those are okra plants :) That's one of our favorite vegetables!


You made a Miss Molly! YAY! I'm so proud of you! I definitely need to see a picture!


Lauren said...

We'll be at the beach next week and I'm curious about the condition we'll find it in. I definitely have some hippie in my heart! After living in Louisiana during the aftermath of Katrina I am heartbroken for all the people and wildlife affected by yet another disaster. If you come up with or hear about ways to help please post!

Renata said...

Your nieces sure are cuties! And your garden is looking fantastic. I love the fact that you're working on it together as a family.