Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Computer crash, and coming cuteness.

My laptop went bonkers last week! I do have a desktop, but I usually do most of my work on my laptop so that I can be wherever the kids are.....so I've been super slow about answering email. I'm sorry! My whole routine is off, we have been gone for like five days straight swimming and soaking in the summer. Also my mother-in-law hasn't been able to get email from me, and that makes me wonder how many other people haven't got email from me.  I sat on the phone with her one day and sent one email after another to her correct email address and she just never got them. So....what I'm trying to say is I promise to get caught up on email today, but if you need a response from me and don't get it today please email me back or give me a call tomorrow at (205) 433-9040 (that way I know that everyone gets taken care of).

On another note, Lily and Iris are coming to spend the night tonight!!!! I plan on having my camera ready in the morning so that I can get some sleepy happy pictures when they first wake up. Being an aunt ROCKS! But I do miss that I only get the sleepy morning cuddles every now and then, so tomorrow I'm going to get it all in pictures. Get ready for a serious cuteness overload people! xo, Sam


Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun, well except for the broken computer/email part. Looking forward to the cuteness. :)

LAnderson (Southern Stitches) said...

Oh, when a computer crashes it can upset everything - we've all become soooo reliable on our computers, especially laptops that allow us to take our work with us wherever we might be. Glad you are back in business tho!