Saturday, May 15, 2010

Special Delivery

So we got a phone call from the post office on Monday -we know the man pretty well because, well, there aren't many people that go to our little country post office and we are in there a couple of times a week- he says "Mr. Caffee? Did you order some chickens?" Ben laughed and said "Yes I did." Apparently there was a noisy box waiting for pickup! LOL!

We ordered them a few weeks back and we were all curious about how in the world they were going to ship 25 assorted rare breed chicks to Alabama from Iowa! Since we were needing chickens and I wanted some Easter egg layers, we decided to give it a try. Can you believe that? They did it. They shipped 25 baby chicks across the country in two days.

The kids were so excited to open the box that they couldn't hardly stand it! We have went and bought chickens at local farms, we have drove across town and bought chickens, we have hatched our own eggs, and we have had a hen hatch her own eggs, but we NEVER thought that we would ever be getting chicks in the mail! USPS, you rock!

For the first few days they were in a kiddie pool here in my living room, and then they graduated to the brooder outside. I'm telling ya, you just never know what might happen here!
PS. Miss Olivia Paige and Miss Claire are in the shop! And everything will be 15% off until Tuesday!


LadySnow said...

I have a few friends that order chicks every year. But the postal worker doesn't like it. I think all the noise drives her crazy. lol

Windy Days said...

We bought three chickens for Easter, but only one survived.Needless to say it was our first experience with chickens and my boys were a little rough with them.

Lex and Lilly's Mom said...

I am so jealous! I want chickens so bad, but my husband won't let me get them. I drool over the Murray Mcmurry catalog every year! Enjoy them for me!

Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

we got some too a few weeks ago!!
looks like we may have gotten some of the same ones too... :-)

Beth said...

How fun!

Frangipani said...

What a cool story-such wonderful parcel to arrive for the children. I bet they were so excited:)

Posie Patchwork said...

Adorable, we're getting our first chicken shortly, not from birth, but once we get the hang of it, i'd like more. Happy days, love Posie

Vicky said...

Those chicks look so cute. I can't wait to get my own... only 4 though, I think 25 would be a few too many for my small backyard.

Goosegirl said...

How fun!! My girls would go nuts to get a box full of chicks in the mail.
And it reminds me of one of Ahnalin's favorite books.
It is called Mailing May and is about a little girl who is "mailed" to her grandmother's house as a baby chick! It is the cutest story!!
Happy Chick day!

Renata said...

I have always wondered about ordering chickens from afar. I think it's the only way I'd be able to get rare breeds here.
So once you have them, how long do you keep them in the brooder (? spelling)?

little dresses said...

Hey Renata!

How's it going at your place? We will keep them there for another week or so and then they will be to big. Then we will move them to a small-sh pen inside of our main animal pen (where all of our critters stay) until they are big enough to sort-of fend for themselves. We try not to mix new chickens with our other ones until they are about the same size. Those roosters are pretty mean when new ones come along! LOL!

If you do end up getting some you better send us some pictures!


Melody said...

They're so cute. We didn't order any from them this year, though we have in the past. We just got a dozen from our farmer's service center instead.

Our Post Office calls at 6 am to tell us to come get our chicks. FUN!

Thanks for sharing pictures!

organicmommy said...

How cute! That hatchery is only about 20 minutes from me, we have chicks from there as well and will be getting more this summer!

Anonymous said...

awww soo cute! My daddy was a mailman my entire childhood and I loved to hear stories of the baby ducks and chicks that came through in the spring. It's the crickets that can be the messy ones if the box breaks open!