Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two more babies!!!

(Sorry for the bad picture, it was taken with my phone.)
These two little sweeties were born about an hour ago! Ben is home today so I was able to sneak away for a moment to give you all the good news! Rachel (the goat) is a great mama. We haven't had to do much to help her, so things are not as busy as they were with Belle. It looks like we have one more mama ready to go any minute so I better get back down to the barn. By the way- Molly was just as tickled as a new mama when she read all of your comments about Abby! She is so proud of her new babies!


Goosegirl said...

Woohoo!!!! Yay! More babies!!!
Can you tell that we are living vicariously through your goat posts? My Ahnalin is loving this!

Vicky.J said...

Hi Sam, 1st time commenting on your blog, long time lurking.
So glad the goats are finally being born... I was worried for a bit that they were "kidding" you. (sorry about the pun).
Are any more due?

Chandra said...

Do you have names for these 2 yet?

Renata said...

Oh they are so cute. One of my pet ewes dropped twin lambs yesterday (yes they've all had twins so far). It's so exciting.
Hope you're having a nice weekend
Renata :)

Jeannie B. said...

So Cute!!