Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A few quick things that I wanted you to know...

1. I'm going to market in May, and I will be bunking with a crazy woman! I can't wait!

2. Put-Put FINALLY had her babies! Twin boys and they are so adorable. There is nothing better than baby goats, seriously, they are so funny. They are both doing very well and we love them already!

3. I have Easter fabric- which I was so preoccupied shopping for that I ran out of gas and had to walk with my mama along the side of a four lane highway to the closest Target! LOL! And it was there that my daddy rescued me, because he's awesome like that.

4. The new Liberty of London line at Target rocks my face off!

5. Ben built us a milking stand!! Goat cheese, goat milk, goat milk hot chocolate, here we come.

6. My lips, tongue, or throat has swollen everyday for over a week now. I'm going to the doctor next Tuesday to see what's up. Have I ever told you that I HATE going to the doctor? They always tell me things that I don't want to hear....I don't wanna go....but Ben says I have to, and he says I shouldn't come home with less than three epi pens that way I can spread them out. Well really he said "so that maybe you will be able to find ONE if you need it." Smarty pants. I guess an up to date epipen couldn't hurt.

7. I can't hardly wait to start sewing Easter dresses tomorrow! I will show you as soon as I get pictures! YAY!

It's 1AM, me and my fat lip (and tongue) should be sleeping by now, hopefully the Benadryl will kick in soon. xoxo, Samantha


Goosegirl said...

Don't rub it in! I am sooooo jealous you and Dawn get to meet at market!!! SOOOO JEALOUS! I told her you guys have to take lots of pictures so I can pretend I was there!
And I am so sorry about your allergic reaction. I hope you listen to your hubby and get those epi-pens.
And I can't wait to see your Easter dresses. I am supposed to be smocking right now and instead I am messing around reading blogs.
Thanks for the fun update. You made me giggle.

KBriggs said...
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KBriggs said...

So excited about your number one update.
i had kind of the same experience only not in a Market show type but Leslie actually came to my home to help me out when Lulu's was born. such an awesome experience! take as many photos as possible. that is one thing Leslie and i regret. i only took 3 photos or so. :/
I will be praying that the doctor find out what is causing your allergic reactions. i had one as well, when i was just married to my hubby. i was much more like the picture you find when you type "LIPS".
i will be praying!!!! :D

snarflemarfle said...

You are not kidding about the Liberty of London line!! I've already got one shirt and I know that the next time I go in, I'll be getting a scarf and a bucket hat.

Oh, and did you know you can go to the Liberty of London section on the Target website and download 4 or 5 of their print patterns? I've got my favorite one as my desktop picture right now! Makes me smile whenever I see it!!

Christine said...

Oh what fun you and Dawn are going to have! Better be some good pics when you return. As for the allergies, get to the doc. I have a son who is ANA to Peanuts and Eggs. We have epi pens scattered everywhere. The doc told us that each reaction has the potential to be worse. And where are the baby pics;-) I love to see your goats! DH grew up on goats milk, that they milked from their own goats.

The Cains said...

Hey Samantha!
Well, you could always look at it as "Pouty lips are in"! ;o) SOme women pay big bucks for swollen lips!

Finished my Madeline and have it up on my blog www.sincerelyhome.blogspot.com Hope you enjoy it!

P.S. Me and Andy are going to an informational meeting on adoption tonight! Please keep us in your prayers for wisdom and discernment!

Cindy said...

Sam....I am with Sivje......completely jealous that you get to go and hang out with Dawn and Terri. You all had better take lots of pictures to share with the rest of us!!!

Renata said...

Have fun at the markets! Sounds like a great time!

Hope the drs visit goes well - swelling does not sound like fun. Take care of yourself!

Hayes said...

SO jealous about Market. IF you EVER need someone to come along and load boxes or look beautiful, let me know. I am SO IN!

The Liberty stuff is GORGEOUS!!

The lip thing, do you take a daily dose of zyrtec or claritin or anything? Nathan has terrible allergies for about a month each spring. I FINALLY convinced him to take a daily dose of some sort of allergy med and he's been migraine free for over a week.

Cannot WAIT for the Miss Olivia! It is precious and you KNOW I will test it for you!