Monday, February 1, 2010

My Amazing Readers! You, my beautiful friends!

So I had this awesome idea to have a post that's all about you strutting your stuff. This is how it will go, leave a comment on this post about you, what you make, sell, stand for, what you like, what your kids are like, whatever, just tell me what you want us to know about you! Spam us with your shops, blogs, or websites! Then I will have a big fat link on my sidebar linking to this post so that everyone else can read about you too!  I'm always the one doing all of the talking, this time I want you to talk to me! So.....what do you have to say? What is your story?
Just in-case you are wondering what in the world the pictures have to do with anything....they don't, but I hate to post without a picture ya know? It hurts me. This is just a couple of shots I took the other night when my dear boy was trying his best to annoy his big sis. Yeah, my kids do that too. At least this time it didn't end with me yelling over them "Break it up!" or "Take it outside!". So back to you now....

                                                     (I just added this! Your new button!)

P.S. I should add....if you happen to read this two years from now and have gotten to know our family through this blog, please add your story! This post will stay open! This is going to be so much fun!!!!


Cherishing My Days said...

Wow! What a great idea! I found your blog about a week ago and am now a daily reader. Love all those adorable dresses! I am a homeschooling mom to 6 wonderful little gifts from God. We live in Las Vegas, NV, but my husband is from Alabama. I go to school online at Liberty University full time. I have a shop on Etsy that is closed right now, but you can see what kind of stuff I make in my sales link. Can't hyperlink on my phone, but it's Thanks for keeping your beautiful work coming!

SarahK said...

My name is Sarah and I currently live in Wisconsin with my husband who is from Hungary. One day we are hoping to move there with our family. Right now I am working full time while going to school full time. I am hoping to get my teaching degree in secondary education. I love to scrapbook and crochet. I am currenty making several baby blankets for my new cousin that will be joining us in March! My blog is, I use this blog to keep our family in Hungary up to date on the things that we are doing. I try to update it often, but sometimes live just gets in the way and I forget. I really enjoying reading your blog and seeing all of your homemade clothes! I tried to sew a quilt with my mom who is an awesome quilter but I have no patience for it. Maybe I will attempt a handbag sometime! Thank you for giving all of us a glimpse into your wonderful world.

Bobbie said...

I am a mom to 2 awesome girls. Wife to a great guy. I blog over at and I have an etsy shop at

I also decorate weddings. I am always busy doing something but most importantly I get to spend everyday with my girls.

Meghann said...

A friend of mine linked me to you for your gathering tutorial, and I've had you in my reader ever since! I am a homeschooling mom to 4 kids. We are a military family, my husband is a trombone player for the Army. I am a percussionist, although haven't gotten to play in a while. I also am a serious amateur photographer. You can find my blog at

Myra said...

I am Myra, a mom to 4, one with special needs (CP), ages 8, 6, 5 & 2. I have an etsy shop, LadybugDuds, and have been listing vintage patterns and things I have made or could be made to order. We live in South Texas. I also blog at

ShirleyC said...

I was drawn to your blog by your title. I sew for my grandbabies. I don't sell right now, but I hope to start doing that in the future. My own blog started as a prayer chain when I went in for surgery. I had tongue cancer, and my surgery was 12 hours. My DD wanted my friends to be able to keep up with the details so she created my blog. I want to turn it into a sewing blog, but I can't make up my mind to just use this one or start a new one.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing to do-- I love getting to know people who follow such terrific people! Expanding our friendships is a blessing to the soul :) A little about me- I live in Utah with my hubby and 4 kiddos (3 boys and finally a sweet girl). I am very involved with their education- we have dyslexia at our house, and I am on the State Board of Dyslexia. It is amazing to learn about and experience. It is a gift, but there are also constant chances for growth. In my "spare" time- actually it's more my "return to sanity" time :)- I love to sew. I have taught myself this last year and opened an Etsy shop (Lightning Bugz) with stuffed animals and doll blanket/pillow sets. My latest love, that I am getting ready to add to my shop is Waldorf dolls! I ADORE them :) Here's my shop and blog (where I chronicle my doll making adventure :)- with tons of photos ) addresses, if you'd ever like to take a peek :)! Have a marvelous day and thanks for the chance for us all to get to know each other! (And I enjoyed the photos- that happens at my house all the time - hehe)! and

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am a SAHM to 5 little ones ages 5,4,2,1 and almost two months!

We homeschool and are trying to lead good lives!!
Iam trying to craft and sew more and chanced (very luckily) onto your blog.

I do read your blog often (even if I don't post ;).

6blessings said...

I have loved and used your patterns for a few years now. I am also enjoying your blog and love hearing about your adoption progress-know that I'm praying:) I have 6 blessings (3 boys and 3 girls). We homeschool and enjoy sewing, cooking, gardening and canning. I love sewing for babies and children!
My blog:
My etsy shop:

Mama Lusco said...

I'm a lot like you! I'm a SAHM to 3 kiddos, unemployed RN, born-again believer and thrifty country girl who loves to sew. I'm a bread-baking, soap-making, handmade clothes-making mama who also loves to cheer on my teacher/husband's football and wrestling teams. We live in beautiful Eastern Oregon 3 hours from a fabric store, movie theater or metro area and wouldn't live anywhere else!

Please come visit my crafty blog:

or family blog:

I'd love to make more blog friends!

Anonymous said...

I'm Angela and I blog at I homeschool my three girls and I love to sew. I mostly make infant Cozy Carseat Covers on my site but I also do custom sewing--I love to make skirts for little girls.

Jean said...

Hi, I'm a homeschooling librarian mom of 2 girls! My only blog is for books only, but I just finished this toddler-size bishop dress for a friend's new baby. It came out a little big, but hey, it will last a long time! This was my first bishop dress.

Jillbert said...

I am Jill, momma to three. I love to sew and knit and cook and refinish furniture --- especially trash-picked treasures! I blog at I'm back in college now, preparing to enter nursing school in May for a 1 yr accelerated BSN program. Life is normally busy here but now it's CRAZY. I used to sell handmade childrens clothes from a sewing congo -- my shop was Atomic Mommy.

Rose and Ivy said...

This is a good idea Samantha!

I am Australian, married and live in the hills with lots of wild birds and animals sharing our garden. My husband and I are both teachers. I am completing my doctorate as well and should be finished in a few years.

I sew heirloom children's clothes and make dolls. I am working on my first line of children's clothing patterns and my first lot of dolls to set up an etsy shop. I haven't been able to blog much lately due to illness but have begun to feel better and hope to be back at it soon!

Julia said...

I'm a retired teacher who is happiest when I'm with my grand children. But, when I can't be with them since they all live so far away, I sew for them. I have 3 daughters and so far 5 grand children. We have one more on the way. My daughters live in the NE and out West. I live in SE TN. I do some heirloom and other sewing. I sew some for $$ for other people, but not much. I also like to read and write. I have written and illustrated one unpublished children's book. I have recently begun the art of scherenschnitte, which is paper cutting. Through Dude Craft's blog I have learned the art of paper cut portraits, which I am having a blast doing.
You make and design beautiful clothing. I have been following you for a while, now. Love the pictures of your children being normal kids!!

Vintage Rose said...

Hi Samantha,
What a wonderful idea. A chance to meet other like-minded people.
I am a mum to a precious 3 nearly 4 year old. We live in Australia.
I love to sew and try and make every Saturday my sewing day. I make dresses and skirts for Jessie and myself. I have just blogged about sewing curtains for my lounge room which was fun.
We live a fairly simple life. That's the way we want Jessie to grow up.
Memories of cooking, sewing, gardening etc with her mum.
I love your blog and your beautiful dress patterns.
We always get comments from people when Jessie wears her Miss Madeline dress. I can't wait for your latest pattern to be available.
I blog at

Take care & God bless you and your beautiful family Samantha.


Kathryn said...

I'm Kathryn from Arizona (well, originally from PA, but from Arizona these past 9 years). In a former life I was an engineer, now I'm blessed to be a stay-at-home mom to our two little boys, now 3.5 and 2. We're praying for more, but God is reminding us how much of a gift from Him they are. My new dream is to open an Etsy shop, but I'm trying to figure out how to do it and what to sell. Our blog is at - mostly pictures of the kids for family back East, but hopefully more crafts soon!

Marla said...

Oh I have sew enjoyed reading everyone's comments! I can't wait to go link-surfing! ;o)

My name is Marla and I am Momma to an 8 year old girl and 5 year old boy. We live in Birmingham, Alabama. I homeschool my boy, and did hs my girl too until this year when she began going to a neighbor's house (who is a certified teacher) for some very lovely Charlotte Mason styled learning. I enjoy every kind of crafting imagineable. I like to sew and am hoping to improve in 2010- and to take on quilting. I blog at

Please come say "hi"!

Leah (mummy made it) said...

I am a regular reader since purchasing Miss Madeline! Looking for forward to the new patterns soon. I live on a couple of acres in QLD Australia in a pretty valley, I am a surgical nurse in my spare time and have 2 cute kids, I blog my creations, makes me proud, not sure who looks at it all but still makes me proud! Sometimes I sell stuff, not often. I love to read blogs and get inspired, keeps me going and fresh with ideas. Thanks Samantha for your lovely blog to read. xLeah

Goosegirl said...

Hi Sam.
I love this idea. Thank you!
Well, right now, our big project, well the big one among other big projects, is making dolls for orphans in Haiti. Ahnalin, my 5 year old is very committed to making these dolls for orphans as she remembers wanting a mommy and daddy.
This has kind of put some of my pattern projects off for a few days, but they are still in process as well. I sew, design patterns, make slipcovers, etc. I had better get back to sewing.
Thank you for asking and have a beautiful day Sam!

Kim said...

Totally fun!!!

I am Kim, Mama to 4; 3 on earth 1 in Heaven, and a wife to a really cool guy.
I knit and sew, hate to clean and love to bake :)
I have an Etsy shop - where I sell pillowcase dresses, repurposed t-shirt dresses and rompers and ring slings.
I live in Utah, but am from Kansas. So, I am Prairie Mama lost in the Mountains! :)

Dawn said...

Hi Everyone! My name is Dawn and just like Sam I am a busy homeschooling mama, seamstress and pattern designer. Sam and I are truly kindred spirits, but she has a way cuter accent! We, my adorable hubby and I currently live in Williamsburg, VA with our 4 amazing kids. I absolutely love designing and sewing up beautiful clothes for my daughter and thanks to a lot of encouragement from friends and family I started my own little pattern business last summer and it's been a huge success. I have met so many wonderful people and I am continually inspired by all the amazingly talented women I have "met" thanks to this wonderful bloggy world! So stop over and visit my blog and pop in to my pattern shop to look around. If you like Sam's stuff you might like mine too. Although are styles are very different we both love to dress our little girls in beautiful clothes! It's been so much fun reading about all of you I can't wait to visit your sites.

maribeth said...

such a cool idea, i just sat hear and read all the previous comments! i am a mommy to 3, a crafter, a thrifter and a preschool teacher. i blog anything and everything at i found you around the same time i had just experienced a miscarriage. i really appreciated your honesty, your hope and your willingness to share. then, i saw your sewing. i love reading your blog and seeing all your beautiful creations. thanks for sharing with us!

anniebelle said...

What's my story? Okay I'll tell it but remember; you said I could!
My name is Nancy Scalf and I live in Orange Park Florida right outside of Jacksonville. My husband and I have three children (now grown) and have been married for going on twenty six years now. I came to my relationship with God rather later then you or anyone else here probably, I was twentyfour and we had two children already when I was baptised. But I've learned since that God was with me even when I didn't realize or think that He even cared. I was abused (physically and sexually) when I was young and you can just imagine what my opinion of God let alone religion was by the time I left home to join the Navy when I was eighteen. Here's a hint: my mother went to our pastor seeking help in getting away from my father and the first words out of his mouth when she got done explain her situation was "Well, what did you do to make him so angry?" (!) Needless to say I didn't have a very good opinion of preachers (especially Baptist preachers) by the time I met Himself (as I refer to my husband online). Here's where God decided it was time to make Himself known to me- turns out DH's father was - wait for it- a Baptist Minister!
Oy! Either God has a really sick sence of humor, I thought, or He really didn't like me after all. Even thought for the life of me I could never figure what a small child could do to make Him so upset. Any way we were moving out of the barracks right after we were married (Himself served 20 yrs. in the Marine Corps) and up drove Dad Scalf. He had driven all the way to Alameda California from his drill weekend in Yuma Arizona to get a look at his new DIL (and mother of his firat grand child) You see even though we had been married for a month and I had just gotten a medical discharge, I was *four months pregnant*. Needlass to say I was not thrilled to see him. (My exact thoughts were Oh great he's just going to love me then) But DH made me go with him to greet his dad. Himself hugged Dad and turned to me ad said to him "and this is Ann" I (head down to my chest) muttered "'lo" rather sullenly actually. And before I knew what hit me I heard this booming voice say "Hey Red how you do'in!" ("HUH!?!) I thought as I tried to extracate myself from a giant bear hug. Of all the ways I could of been greated by that man that was NOT one that I had imagined! Turned out that both he and Mother S. (who is a sweethart and has always been incredably kind to me) were just thrilled at the coming new grandbaby and could not have been more pleased with both of us. I asked Dad some years later why he and Mom were able to take our situatin so calmly and he said "Annie a mistake only becomes a sin if you don't fix it. You and C. made a mistake and then fixed it by getting married and having our grandbaby there what led up to that is none of my buisness."
Wow. I was head over heals in love with that man ever since. Unfortunately Dad S. passed away in May 1999 but there are times and places yet that I still miss him sorely
I talk about the goings on in my life with the kids, cats, husband as well as my love of all things needlecraft related on my blog
Thank you for letting me be so long winded!

little dresses said...

Oh my goodness I never imagined that I would enjoy this so much! You guys are so much fun! And so interesting!


I read "The Enchanted Barn"... Oh I loved it so much! It is now one of my favorites!


What a beautiful testimony! Your story was amazing, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Ya'll keep'em coming! This is so much fun! Don't you wish we were all sitting in my livingroom eating homemade bread and sipping coffee and hot chocolate?


Debbie said...

Fun idea Samantha. I'm a mom to 2 children through adoption. We were blessed to pick them up from the hospital. They are now ages 6 and 4. Time surely does fly.
I've been sewing since I was 5 and have made everything from barbie clothes to wedding dresses. Now I design and sew for our family.
I also homeschool our children and love to cook.
Last winter we started a pattern design business (pdf style) because so many people were asking me how to make (my kids clothes) and though they couldn't do "that". Well I was intent on writing the patterns easy enough so that they surely could.
The great thing is that many of those sewing mama want to be's are now sewing mamas. It's been so much fun meeting sewing mamas from all over the world...thanks again Sam. Now I can meet some more.
You can see more about our company SquigglyTwigs Designs at
Please comment and let us know you were by.
Happy Sewing!

Christi (Saucier) Clark said...

I know Sam from way back when our families went to church together. I find it inspiring to read her enjoyments and trials of everyday and realize what a beautiful woman of God she has become.

I live in Auburn, AL and have a little girl (Sarah) who is 3. We also have a little boy on the way, due in June. I am jealous of everyone's sewing experience. I absolutely love nice outfits for little ones and would love to make Sarah something from her mommy. However, I am basically terrified of the sewing machine. Yes, I have one and it is even set up in my office. But I had several bad experiences when I was younger of thread breaking off, reloading bobbins until my fingers hurt and other such crazy nonsense. Suffice it to say, I could use a really good beginner's class to teach me how to use the crazy thing! Looking at Samantha's beautiful patterns makes me want to figure this whole sewing thing out once and for all. :)

Renata said...

Hi - Fun idea. My name is Renata & I live in country NSW, Australia. So far we have 4 children whom we started home schooling last year. We are all enjoying this & feel it is such a blessing to be able to do this. Two years ago we moved from the city to our farm in the middle of nowhere. My blog is about our faith, family, farm & of course little bits of this & that added in:
Have a lovely day
Renata :)

waikikimum said...

I am a mum of three great kids living in Waikiki Western Australia. I love reading your blog. I homeschool my nine year old daughter due to a very rare connective disorder she has called Ehlers Danlos syndrome. I love to sew in my spare time which isn't too often.Kathy

Anonymous said...

Oooo - I couldn't pass this up!! I LOVE to sew! My kids are all grown and launcehd and I sew a LOT, sadly, I have no grandbabies to sew for, tho! But I have a wee little online sewing store - Fine Stitchery
Where I sell the FINEST sewing supplies I can get at about a 25% discount! I have very nice fabrics and laces and pleaters and Dovo scissors and books and CDs and Samantha's Patterns and LOTS of other stuff. I have a 'Sewing School' with free patterns and projects and hints and tips, too!
I'm Barbara O. but I'm also known as 'Sparkle', short for Sparky.

Desiree' said...

Hello, have read your blog for awhile. Love yoru patterns and have made several Molly dresses!!We have five kids home and one more waiting in China. (14, 12,
10, 5 3 and 15 mths) Two of our kids have special needs. I sew, mostly to help with our adoption expenses. I have an Etsy shop but sell mostly on my sewing blog.

Danielle said...

what a cool idea!! i don't get a lot of readers on my blog but i love my blog friends. :)
i actually know sam from church about 10 years ago...OMG it's been that long already?! geez!

i'm danielle. i'm married to marshall. we met on but he was in my old youth pastor's first youth group so we had common friends. we had a whirlwind romance...married in 7 months of when we met. :) we've been married 5 years now. we have 2 boys. corgan will be 3 and june and keelan will be 6 months old on the 11th. i'm a stay at home mom but i am also a photographer. i'm new to the photography business and trying to build up my portfolio. i love taking pictures and capturing moments people will treasure forever. i also like to sing and scrapbook. i sing on the worship team at church and in the choir. i guess that's me and my life in a nutshell. :)

heather said...

I'm a sahm to my 7 awesome kids, ranging in ages from 17 all the way down to 2. I live in Utah, although I am not from here as I grew up in the Military and moved a fair amount, but I met and married a Utah boy, so here I am now. I love to sew, and fabric is my weakness, so I am happy to finally have a room dedicated to all of my sewing stuff after years of piling stuff on the kitchen table or in a corner of the living room. I discovered your blog after I bought your fabulous 'Miss Madeline' pattern, which I have used many times over for my two youngest girls. It's awesome. I have a blog, , where I post mainly about crafty and sewing stuff, with family stuff thrown in for good measure. My sisters and my sisters-in-law are my best friends and I am lucky enough to live close to almost all of them. I don't have an etsy shop as I can barely keep up with the projects for my own family, let alone trying to keep a shop full with things to sell, but I am a great believer in buying from everyone else that does have one, the talent there is always so amazing. And I am thoroughly enjoying reading about everyone else here, so many interesting and talented people! Thanks Samantha!

pfarmwife said...

Oh, why not? I am Stacey...pfarmwife to My Dear and Loving Husband for 18 years...Mama to seven olive shoots 'round our table. Ready to retire from military life, we are putting down roots (literally and figuratively), on a farm in Virginia. My days are spent teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness; blessing my family with great food and clean clothes; sewing and smocking when I can; and blogging it all occasionally. We sell our grass-fed, organic meats, eggs and heirloom produce directly from our farm. We do it all to the glory of God, not just for the next generation, but to a thousand generations....Providentially! (for the farm) (for sewing and lovely things)
and recipes at

I know some of these gals already...and some I even have seen face to face! ;-) Hi Barbara and Dawn and Goosegirl!

Stacy said...

This is really neat! I am a SAHM to two wonderful, active children who only occasionally get on my nerves :-) I spend my days being the CEO of our household. My day job is being teacher to them. I really would have it not other way! I have an awesome husband who has stuck beside me for 8 long years, 10 if you count our dating years. We live in Pennsylvania . I do have a side job selling Usborne books and could not be a greater fan of them. Here is my site: .

melody said...

Fun! My name is Melody and my husband and I homeschool our 4 children (ages 10, 7, nearly 4 and 1). I blog here: about knitting, sewing, photography, the process of teaching myself how to crochet, kids, life. I've been designing knitting patterns for years, but have just recently started typing them up and offering some of them to my readers for free. Not etsy shop at the moment, as the little ones keep me busy with making things for them, but maybe some day.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

What a fun idea! I found your blog through the "be the thread" blog - she tested out one of your cute "miss mary" dress.

I'm SAHM to my three kiddos, who are 6 months, 2, and nearly 4. I like to make fun things for them to play with, repurpose old clothes into toddler/baby/preschooler outfits, and anything else creative! We live in Massachusetts, where it sometimes feels like winter lasts forever, but hte snow is oh-so-pretty.

KBriggs said...

Thank you for making this post, Samantha!!! it is so nice to get to know other moms and their lives.
well, i am a stay at home, i have 2 children so far (Faith Marie -almost 3 and Luciana Irene-4 1/2 months old)and looking forward to have many more. :D
i LOVE sewing but for right now there is very little time.
i am from Bolivia-South America and i met my husband Ben when i was an exchange student in Rockford, MI. we had a long distance relationship for 14 months, got married 2 times and now we have been married for a little over 4 years.
My passion other than sewing is just being a mom. it is exhausting and sometimes i want to go crazy but i wouldn't be happier in any other way.
BTW... i LOVE your blog Samantha!!! and i also heart your stories the happy ones and the sad ones as well. you are such a wonderful and beautiful woman of God.

muralimanohar said...

What a cute idea! Ok, here goes. :p

My name is Murali, I was a stay at home mom til recently, with two now-teenagers (gulp!), who frequently moves across oceans, lol. Currently, we are parked in Hawaii. :p

I have a blog dedicated to things that make my heart sing, and things that I create, which also makes my heart sing, though they don't always necessarily look like the same thing, lol. I sew, craft, bead, etc etc..anything to get the picture in my head into three dimensional form. I just saw a tutorial on making mercury glass out of thrift store vases, and had to physically restrain myself from hopping in the car to buy the supplies. :p

I usually just lurk around here, soaking up the awesomeness. :D

andreak said...

My name is Andrea and I am a SAHM of three (18,15,12). I am a preacher's wife and I love to sew, bake and create. I really love vintage patterns right now. My mom is my inspiration. I wish we did not live so far apart. I just started a blog recently I am trying to keep track of projects and possibly help and encourage others along the way. Your family story has been such a blessing to read. I love your dress patterns, but your family is certainly your real treasure. Sweet! Sweet! Sweet!

Pamela said...

Hi. I'm Pam and a pretty new follower. I have an etsy shop and sew and embroider children's hats, bibs, burp cloths, crayon bags...ect. I also have my own invention the Snap n Snuggle Baby Blanket. Here's the link to the video I posted on youtube that's all about it. SnapnSnuggle

Follow MY BLOG:

Windy said...

Samantha, I found your blog several years ago. I follow you on the Handmade facebook page as well. I am a homeschool mother just like you; I have three boys. I am from Mississippi and I recently started a blog called the The Encouragement(this isn't my first try at blogging)-blogging about encouraging others in the Lord, prayer, and missions.
I found your website looking for crochet ideas and I believe I came across a tutorial on crocheting.

I was called to missions when I was 18, but went a different direction for a while, but now I just want to raise my boys to love the Lord and live for him with all my heart. I want to encourage others to do the same! I took my first mission trip to Honduras in March-seeing a glimpse of my calling becoming reality.
You have been an encouragement to me and I want you to know that I love reading about your sweet family and I love how you are real! May the Lord continue to Bless you and your family Samantha!

Ginny Carter said...

Granny G I hope I am doing this right. Great idea Sam. I am 83 years young and have known Sam and her family and in-law family for many years. I love, love, love her blogs.

I don't have a blog yet but when I do get one started I think I will call it "The Eclectic Musings Of An Octogenarian". I think I need it to keep from boring all my young friends with stories from my life. Seriously, since I was born the year before the Great Depression, maybe I should share some of my experiences and the amazing changes that have taken place in my life time. We'll see--it has been on my mind for a time.

I do write a column sort of thing on fb--it kind of just happened. It is called "Good Night,Beloveds". It is mostly about things God has taught me in this long life. I write as it a fb note. If you are interested in it you have to be my friend. I'm listed under Ginny Carter. Please identify yourself as a "Sam's friend" so I'll know why I don't recognize your name.

Even though I am an active 83 year old I really enjoy my contacts through fb. Makes the world really small.

Right now I am working on ideas for my 65th High School Graduation reunion. I welcome any ideas to add what I have already began picturing in my mind. Thanks. Love you Sam. Keep up the good work.