Friday, January 29, 2010

Spring/ Summer Trunk Show 2010!! And a serious cuteness overload!

So can you stand it? I know I may sound prejudice, but seriously, this has to be the cutest set of twins on the planet! Lily is in the purple "Miss Lily" dress, and Iris is in the "Miss Alice". These two angels just melt me!

They call me "Pantha". Most of my friends and family call me Sam, but Ben's brother's name is Sam too, so to curb any confusion I started calling myself "Aunt Mantha" to them. "Mantha" is what all of the Caffee kids started off calling me so I thought it would be easy for them too, but they changed it! I'm "Pantha" and proud of it! LOL! My brother Simon is "Himon"! LOL!

I guess I should mention the trunk show now....not as much fun to talk about, but I guess I should!

(Fabric # 646)
All of the fabrics are from Fabric Finders. If you've never tried their fabric before you are really missing out, it's top notch! The day they delivered all of this fabric I was so excited! And I have to say that free fabric will always be one of my favorite parts of this job, it's awesome!
Iris is wearing a Miss Alice in fabrics #667, and #765.

Iris is wearing a Miss Alice in fabrics #667, and #765.

Here Iris is wearing a Miss Molly in fabrics #721, and #764. 

Miss Madeline is wearing a "Miss Madeline" in fabrics #631, and #765.

And here is Maddie in a Miss Iris skirt, looking pretty grumpy and tired of taking pictures, in fabrics #612, and #764.

 Just when you thought that the cuteness was over BAM! Abraham! Can you believe how big our little Abe is getting? He is SEVEN months old now! Can you even stand that chubby little face, and arms, and legs, well and everything...he's pretty much chubby all over isn't he?!

This wraps up our week of shop talk! I hope you all enjoyed it! I'll be taking a much needed mini-stay-cation with Ben this weekend, and I will be back here on Monday or Tuesday. Have a wonderful weekend friends!
xoxo, Aunt Pantha


Crys :) said...

I LOVE THIS!!! Beautiful Homespun *BLISS*!! You are truly a LUCKY lady Sam!!! I love you!! xoxo

Beth said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the dresses!

little dresses said...

Oh Crys! I miss you! I love you too!

Rose and Ivy said...

Beuatiful dresses, gorgeous children--- what a great post!!!

MarĂ­a Xi said...

Lovely dress.

Greetings from Chile.

~Violet~ said...

The models are adorable...CUTE is all I can say!!! & that little Abe can't deny who his daddy is! I just want to squeeze that little chunky monkey! :) Oh btw, the dresses and fabric are beautiful as well.

Bari said...

Beautiful children and dresses you guys are the most blessed people in the world :)