Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Maddie Helps in the Kitchen

This morning I was using some left over roast to make a pot of beef stew for lunch, so I asked Maddie to wash six potatoes while I peeled the carrots. She has washed potatoes under mama's supervision countless times so I didn't think to explain the process again, I just gave her the bag. After I finished up the carrots I turned to check on her and found that she was really taking her work seriously! That kid was scrubbing those potatoes with a scouring pad and soap! LOL! What made me laugh even more was the memories that came flooding back from my own childhood. I remembered one day that my mom was late getting home to get dinner ready and I, being the oldest, was at home with my younger brother and sister. She called from the store and told me to go ahead and wash the potatoes so that she could get started as soon as she walked in. Now I had probably seen her wash potatoes a thousand times in my twelve years, but for some reason when I went to wash those dirty potatoes, it just seemed right to give them a good washing with soap. When Mom got home she smelled the soap on them and asked me about it so I told her what I did, thinking it sounded completely normal and how she would probably be proud that they all came out so clean, and she laughed at me. LOL! So "like mother like daughter" I guess? Poor kid.

After I got a picture and had a good laugh, I cracked up again when I realized what she was wearing! You know Maddie and her "wardrobe choices", she has on a 3-6 months dress (as a shirt), a 0-3 months jacket (see how short the sleeves are! and she has it buttoned!), and a pair of denim board shorts from this summer. What a picture, a girl dressed like a ho-bo scrubbing potatoes with soap and a scouring pad. Priceless.

PS. Market was wonderful, but I totally forgot to get pictures so I'm going to see if I can scrounge a few up from some of the other pattern designers. Bummer, I know, I realized I didn't have any pictures when we started tearing down the booth.


Anonymous said...

How cute - I wondered about Maddi's "shirt" - as my 17 month old daughter had little a "dress" that was exactly like it!! ha! Kiddos make life sooo much more fun!

LadySnow said...

I love it!

Widge said...

This is such a gorgeous post! I can totally relate having two little girlies of my own and the amusing wardrobe choices they make!

She looks adorable :)

Cat said...

Just wanted you to know (1st of all I've been a lurker for a long time hehe) but 2nd-- there is a picture of your booth on Jeannie Baumeister's oldfashionedbaby.blogspot! Looks great!

Megan said...

So cute!

My little backseat chef saw me washing carrots instead of peeling them for a stew, and later saw my mom peeling them instead of washing them. We both declared that we were just lazy and did it that way. She loudly declares that we BOTH need to start washing AND peeling our carrots. 3 year old chef's are wonderful to have a round. They really keep you on your toes!

Debbie said...

I followed the link to the blog with a photo of your booth. I love it, too. It's great to see you (?) in there also.

JLI said...

So darling!

Although I'm a bit embarrassed, because I myself have been known to use a little Dawn when scrubbing certain vegetables, like cucumbers. They are so greasy feeling! So I'll give them a quick wash with a little soap and rinse til squeaky!

I happened upon your blog yesterday while searching for "crochet blogs" and I'm so very glad I did! You have a very charming blog and take beautiful pictures! Your home looks so inviting and warm. I want to come curl up in your "nest"!

Once again God has led me to another kind blogger who has a heart for Jesus...so glad to have found you!


Mama Lusco said...

Cute stuff! My girlies wear the baby clothes, too :) I'm amazed what they can still get on!

Julia said...

When my sil was about 10 she washed the beans with soap. I don't think her mom realized it until they were eating them. Lol. Maddi is adorable.