Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's. Cold.

I mean IT IS COLD people! I told Ben the other night "I'm about to die of cold!" LOL! It looks like we will have a winter this year, and maybe even snow (the kids are just insanely happy about that).....but oh my, we are just not made for cold weather. We are the biggest cold wimps on the planet! Molly and I have decided that the people in Alabama are like lizards, we can only move slow in the cold.

This means that the wool socks have come out, but it just wasn't enough, no not at all....I felt like my toes could just break off any second! So I found this FREE slipper pattern and I got some wool yarn and made these babies. I love them! They are so cute and they keep my toes from breaking off too! I wish I had a better picture but turns out it's a little tricky taking a picture of your own feet. Who knew?

With all of this cold weather came another shift in our normal routine. We are spending a lot more time in front of the's funny how we can have all of this space but spend most of our time in a 8 foot area, but I like it. That's probably why I've always liked winter so much, it seems cozier and people tend to stay closer. I love my winter nest too!

This corner of our home is pretty dormant and empty for most of the year but I love the way it comes to life in the winter. Things start to collect there like blankets, pillows, projects, little shoes, gloves and hats, all those little signs of life. It's home, and I love it....and I love how our home and routines shift with the changing seasons. Happy Winter friends! And I hope your toes don't break off!

PS. I will be gone for a few days because heirloom market starts on Sunday, but I will be back when the dust settles with stories and pictures!


kirstin & jordan said...

I feel your pain! I actually regularly tell my husband that I have a lower freezing temperature than other normal people and might freeze to death much easier than the average bear- haha! :)
Love the socks-plus-slippers... And your little fire nook looks so cozy... lovely, really!
Stay warm, friend!!! :)

gracielousgoodies said...

Hey friend. Where is the heirloom market?

Tannehill starts back in a couple of months. Drawing is Feb 2nd or around that date, for spaces. Can't wait.

Pomona said...

I have just been taking photos of my feet in the socks I have just knitted for my blog - I agree, it is really not at all easy! I wear two pairs of socks to keep my feet warm (and tights under my jeans as well)!

Pomona x

Elise said...

We are right beside you-geographicly{sp-?} speaking and FREEZING too!! Wow, this has been one cold winter!!
LOVE your home and those slippers!!

Mama Lusco said...

Thanks for sharing the slipper pattern...they are adorable! So glad you have a warm wood stove and cozy nest :)