Saturday, November 7, 2009

Scrap game entries!

We have winners!!! Jennifer said that it would be impossible to pick just one so I added a runner up prize (a pattern from the shop) and she picked the winners this morning!

This is what she wrote:

"Hi Samantha.

Picking a winner was tough with so many great entries. I'm really impressed and inspired that all the projects were made with scraps. Very nice work, everyone!

I was especially impressed with Kelli's candy cane ornaments because she made use of the tiniest of scraps using an original design. Using a muslin foundation and the flip and stitch method she pieced together small bits of fabric and achieved a delightful result. I appreciate that this project is one both beginning the veteran sewers can enjoy and validates my personal obsession with keeping the smallest bits of fabric because "I can use them later." I'm so going to make some of these! Congrats to Kelli. She is the winner!

And because I couldn't pick just one winner from a field this strong, I picked Dawn as the runner up. (Thank you Samantha, for allowing me to pick two entries.)

I LOVE "Tom" the turkey that Dawn made completely from stash supplies. From scraps of fabric and cotton stuffing to ric-rac for his waddle, velvet ribbon for his bow tie, and a knitting needle in his neck to make his neck stand up straight, Dawn did a great job of creating a scrap turkey with personality. Great job!

Thanks for asking me to participate, Samantha. The contest entries were very inspiring."

Congratulations guys! I will email you tomorrow for details about your winnings!

Here are all of the entries ready to be judged tomorrow by the wonderful Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood! I will announce the winner as soon as I hear from her! Good job everyone!

"I must have Christmas on my mind! Our family Christmas tree is very eclectic and my favorite ornaments year after year are the ones that have been handmade. I had so much fun digging through my scrap bins looking at all those well loved (and tiny!) scraps. I started by sketching a simple candy cane and tracing onto muslin. I then used that for a foundation and used the flip and stitch method to add the scraps. I stuffed these with just a tiny amount of stuffing to give them some body and added jute for my hanger."

"I sat my little girl down with the scrap box and asked her to choose the fabrics and trims she'd like to use for her skirt. Was she ever excited! She (and I) happens to be a SisBoom fan and all of the fabrics she picked are SisBoom fabrics. We have others in the bin, but this is what she asked for. She also picked some ribbon and ric rac, and of course she finally got to put pom poms on something. She's been waiting months for that opportunity."


Eleece Nephew

"This is the “Charlotte” pattern, from Children’s Corner. The Green corduroy fabric and gingham lining were scrap pieces from a dear friend who cleaned out her sewing room and gave me buckets of fabric. The momma hen, eggs, chicks, scarecrow and crow were all drawn out free-hank and cut completely out of scraps I had in my stash. I must say, this is probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time sewing. I felt like a real artist! I decided on the “chicken theme” because we had recently taken a trip to the country and my youngest daughter, Indea (4), had taken quite well to the chickens, chasing them around the coop and then to my surprise picking them up to give them “hugs.”

"The shabby trees and stars were inspired by Lollychops recent scrappy projects. I found coordinating reds and yellows, stacked about 8 layers of fabric, then cut out the shapes. After scrunching them up, I pinned them in place and stitched up the middle. They will get more shabby with time since the edges are unfinished.

To finish the pillows, I stitched JOY on the small one and PEACE on the large one in red floss. You have to zoom in to really see the stitching, but I'm pleased with it. I'm a total novice at hand embroidery, but just stitched away! Voila! In the time it took to watch a movie with the kids, I made two adorable holiday pillows."

"I have seen a couple ideas for color books online - so, I decided I needed to make one for my daughter. She is 20 months old and is learning her colors. I decided I had all those colors in my scrap pile - just needed to come together into a teaching tool! I cut 3 5" squares of each color. Then, I chose two tones of that color in embroidery floss and embroidered the color name on muslin. (I am somewhat new at embroidery and was surprised how quickly I could do a simple running stitch for all of the words!) An added scrap value - I got the muslin at a yard sale -already cut into smallish squares. I was happy to have a use for it. :) Next, I pieced the pages together and put together the book. I added fleece in between the pages to give it a softer feel. Also, added a velcro closure. I am happy with how it came out. "

"This is "Tom"! He is made completely from things I had and not a thing was purchased to make him. He's made from scraps of fabric, cotton stuffing, ric-rac for his waddle, velvet ribbon for his bow tie, and a knitting needle in his neck to make his neck stand up straight. I weighted him with rice in his butt so that he would sit up nicely. His wings are made with fusible interfacing between fabric and then they are quilted to give them texture and more stability. He also has wiggly eyes for a fun and whimsical touch."

"I used mustard corduroy, linen bits, lace, velvet ribbon, a doily, and a piece of curtain. I am so in love with this scarf."

"Reversible Table and Placemats
Here I have my six newly made 4-holiday placemats and table runner. My runner is short and fat to cover the buffet area, so it won’t run far, but it will do a great job over here. Four-holiday what could I possibly be talking about? It's Reversible!"

"It's a scrap bag and weighted pin cushion. I haven't finished the matching pattern folder cover & notion holders yet."

It was fun to go through my scrap bag and remember the things I have made this past year. I chose some scraps based on the patterns that would fit across the button, added some rick rack and then glued on a bead or two from my scrap bead jar.

The Prudent Homemaker

"For the scripture bag that I made. A tutorial should be up by tomorrow. It is made of 3 small scrap pieces of tapestry that my Mother-in-law gave me. The tassel is from some curtains that were given to me from another woman (I cut the curtains into a dress for my daughter)."


Very Verdant said...

These are wonderful...I am glad I am not having to choose the winner. The candy canes, scarf, and pillow are my favorites but my little girl would choose the pieced skirt in a heartbeat. Good luck to all the entries!

julia said...

These are all great. I especially love the little girl clothing since that's what I mostly make. That turkey is amazing! I really think there are some very clever people out there.

Jody said...

Clever ideas! It will be tough to pick a winner!

The Garden Bell said...

These are all great. I really, really over that turkey. Fun, fun, fun

What a cute blog you have here. Full of life and color. I just found you via Little Cottage Comforts.and would love to follow in your journey in life.

Feel free to stop by my little garden at:

I'm mostly a yarn lover, but also am starting sew hear the buzz of my machine again.

The Cains said...

ell I had planned to enter this contest but got overwhelmed with out of town company. I am almost glad because you ladies are sooooo talented and I'm not in the same league! Sam, if you ever have a "people who really want to sew but have no natural talent" contest- count me in!

Kelli said...

I am so incredibly honored! The other entries were fantastic! I'm a huge fan of Jennifer's podcast, so I was excited to see that she was judging. Thank you, Samantha, for hosting this fun contest :)

Debbie said...

Thanks for hosting the contest and thanks to Jennifer for judging. We had a lot of fun making the skirt, and it would likely not have been completed, now, without the contest. The mother/daugther project is just what we needed. Oh, it will be in pdf. pattern form soon, too.
Thanks again.

jenn said...

Samantha everyone did so good on their projects! Everyone is a winner!
I am thinking of you today, Tuesday.. I am hopeful for good news!!! Or whatever will be will be.. but you know what I mean...

Emma said...

These are some brilliant makes. I just love the turkey - he's so funny! The scrappy stars and trees concept is really unusual and makes a great 3D effect that might work well in the centre of a pop up style card, perhaps with a little stiff interfacing, some stitches, some raggy edges... oooo getting me thinking here!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

I just wanted to say that the tutorial for the scripture bag is up! It took longer than I had hoped and I didn't get to work on it for several days. You can see it now here: