Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby tea goodness...

Hello friends! Thanks so much for all of the sweet birthday wishes! After writing that last post I quickly started feeling yucky, nauseated, and I got chills and fever. I spent the rest of the day on the couch wining about how I wanted a do-over! LOL! And on Friday I got my do-over, complete with a surprise party at Martha's house (my mother-in-law). It was a lot of fun, they decorated it in all black and I had a very yummy tombstone cake with "R.I.P" written on it. My Father-in-law said he even tried to catch a crow for me, it may be best that didn't work out!

On Sunday we celebrated my sweet sister-in-law, Cristina's, baby tea. Martha and I were in charge of decorating and we had a really good time with this theme. We went with frogs because Cristina had registered for this super cute frog baby bedding, so we knew she would like it.

We made the frogs from a free pattern HERE, and we cut down *most* of the cattails from my neighbors front yard, with permission (Thanks Mary!). I cut the lily pads out of wool felt. If you want the pattern let me know I will scan it in for you.

In the past I have found it so hard to decorate for boy baby teas, but I really think this one was a hit! Cristina really seemed to like it and Martha and I couldn't get over how cute it was when it all came together, all of the guests seemed to love it too.

My sis, Rae, made this little frog cake for her! Is that the cutest or what?! She put little individual frogs and lily pads on every piece, and it tasted wonderful too.

Our friend Beth made this diaper cake and it made a really sweet centerpiece for the gift table.

We had such a good time hanging out, planning, decorating, and stealing cattails off of the side of the road.....we saw a big bunch of them, really pretty ones too, on the side of the road in a ditch with no houses around....we couldn't resist! You should have seen Martha running back to the car! LOL! Can you imagine three grown women, Martha, Holly (my sis-in-law), and me wading through ditches chopping down cattails with steak knifes?! We even got Holly to wear thigh high waders, with a dress on, just to get to the best ones! I have pictures of that... but Holly may kill me if I post those, so you will just have to use you imagination. It was perfect! There really is nothing that we wouldn't do for a good baby tea! Especially for our little Luke Caffee, that we get to meet in December! What a perfect little Christmas gift we will get this year!

P.S.  I didn't have any time for pictures after the tea started, so I didn't get one of Cristina. I will post a picture of the little mama as soon as I can beg one off of one of the other hostesses.


Courtney said...

How fun! Love all the frogs, you guys did a great job!

Debbie said...

This is so cute. I love the frog theme, so creative.

Jody said...

Your frog theme is absolutely wonderful!!!!

RAM said...

you done a great job and also you try to different kids bedding all the best.