Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Before I get into anything about market I have to first say that God has blessed us beyond measure in the last two weeks. He has opened door after door for us and we have only had to be brave enough to step through. He is blessing my little pattern business, my family, our adoption, and giving us a way to raise money to bring our children home from Bulgaria. I can hardly even type it without getting emotional! It would take me all day to tell you all the ways that he has overwhelmed us with blessings! Please know that if you have been one of the many that have prayed for my family, IT'S WORKING!!! He still answers prayer and still opens doors that we thought would never open!
WOW! I was so blown away by the madness that is market! LOL! Oh it was so wonderful! The people and other designers were so kind and welcoming. I was so impressed with the kindness of two designers in particular Ellen McCarn and Maja. They were so sweet to this "new kid on the block" and really encouraged me. God is just so good. I was so terrified of market and after only one panic attack (more about that in a minute) I settled in and things got easier, and I really do believe it was because everyone was just so overly nice. Thank You! Well, we got there and looked around for our booth but couldn't find it, so we headed back toward the door and saw the sign "The Handmade Dress" right next to the door!! We had the corner booth just inside the door!! My pictures aren't that great because there was no natural light at all, but I knew you wouldn't care!
I was so nervous at first that I was just shaking, even Ben said that he had never seen me like that before, it was bad. Ben and I looked around at the other vendors while we were looking for our booth and I noticed and commented "uhh...Ben, nobody else is bringing in furniture" LOL! For a second I let it scare me, but then I decided maybe different is good and I told him to unload the car and bring it all in! I really liked the way it turned out too!
This was my favorite part. Having hunny there. I COULD NOT HAVE survived without his take-charge, get-it-done personality! I would have been in big trouble, believe me. We sold out of patterns by lunch on the first day and just had to take orders after that, add that to the list of "Things To Do Different Next Time". Rookie mistake, won't happen again.
I took pictures for you! I tried to get all of the details because I know most of you are like me and love the little details the most. This was the pattern and sign in table. I scattered my little flower business cards and "Cindy Flowers" all over. The table cloth was an old soft thrifted bed sheet (You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country outta the girl!) and a beautiful yellow and white linen table topper that was also thrifted. In the vintage gravy boat was my other business cards, and in the creamer jug extra pens.
Here was my nest, or security blanket, whatever you want to call it. There was something about having pieces of home with me that  helped put me at ease. Add bring your own rug to that list too. I brought my button jars, lamp, pattern weights (which got a lot of attention! LOL!), and my loft quilt.
I sat and hand sewed when we weren't swamped and it helped calm me.
 Maddie (remember my Maddie?) wore a Miss Lily and a jean jacket. Everyone seemed to really like that combo and I did too! It changes the look of the dress a bit, makes it more contemporary or something.
My sweet friend Heather let me borrow her quilt rack and I used it as a clothing rack to display samples. The other samples (see above) hung on a little laundry line in front of my collection of vintage linens. I loved how that turned out!
I took pictures for you of the view from my nest (probably one of the most overwhelming sights I've seen in a while!). To the left is Martha Pullen Co. straight ahead is Westminster Fabrics, and to the right is Ellen McCarn.
Here is the Ellen McCarn booth and next to her Children's Corner.

That whole back wall there was Fabric Finders and too the right was The Button Company. Market, in the end, was not nearly as scary as I had thought it would be and I had such a good time. We got another chance (it was totally a God Thing) to be at another show next weekend and we took it! The Southern Women's Show in Birmingham will go Thursday through Sunday of next week. Almost 30,000 women will be there! and we have a booth on the third block from the door! there will be about 1200 booths at the show, so that is such a blessing. Ben and I are rushing to get things ready because set up is Tuesday morning and we just found out we were going to be there Monday, so I may only be able to pop in for the next few days. I'm sure I will have lots of good stories to tell when I come back though! Til then! xoxo, Sam


Marlya said...

Wow Sam!!!!!!!!!!!! This is fantastic! I am so, so excited for you-- well done!!!!! xoxox

Carol Lin said...

wow, the set up is way cute! it looks so nice and welcoming =)

Dawn said...

Oh all sounds so wonderful!! Maybe I will have to join you next year if I manage to get my patterns onto "real paper" by then! I thought about you and Ben all day on Sunday and Monday, wondering what was happening and praying your nerves wouldn't get the best of you. I just wished I was there because I know we would have had so much fun...and a lot of laughs too! I can't wait to hear all about it...every detail!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like absolute heaven! I've met Martha Pullen, she comes to a sewing expo in WA in the spring, Ellen McCarn and The Children Corner too - Your booth looks great, sounds like your patterns were well received too, Congrats!

tara said...


jenn said...

So amazing and so excited for you and your family. You deserve it all!
Can't wait to hear more on your Bulgaria babies/kids!

Meghan said...

Looks amazing! I wish I was there to see it! How awesome!

Goosegirl said...

Oh Sam, I am so happy for you!! The booth looked fabulous and so cozy. I clicked on the pictures to blow them up and really see everything. It looks wonderful! And I giggled to see your "Chick-Fil-A" cup snuggled behind your button jars. Love that place!
I can not wait to hear the rest of your good news! And yes, I do pray for you, but then you know that.
Congratulations on a successful market!!

Sabrina said...

All I can really say is - How Great is Our God? I love it when he piucks up on all the little details as well as the big things! Congratulations on your success, your booth looked so welcoming and sweet!

Sabrina :)

Heather said...

Oh how amazing!! I have been following you for about 1 1/2 months I am a mom of 2 girls 9 & 7 and it sure if tough to not let the outside influences creep in from the clothing. I am so excited for you and the family I have been praying that all continues for you in God's plans. Those doors are tough to walk thru I understand completely.

SHEILA said...

I am so proud of you! You've come so far with your business. You are now playing with the big guys, and doing just fine. Congratulations.
Your booth looked adorable. And what a great guy you have as a business partner. God has certainly Blessed you, and it's wonderful that you give Him the glory!

Sabrina said...

Oh also thanks for your comment on my other blog about the homemade crayons - you can always do them in fairy cake paper cases as then they are a bit chunkier for little hands :)


Anonymous said...


I am so happy for your success this weekend!!

Pomona said...

I am so glad that it all went well for you - and no wonder, your clothes are so lovely! The success is well-deserved.

Pomona x

Megan said...

Sam, you deserve this "break," you are such a SWEET SWEET person and deserve all the greatness that is coming your way.

Debbie said...

Sam...Wow! God is so good. I so want to be at something like this some day. The booth is perfect.

Sabrina said...

your booth is absolutely perfect! It looks so welcoming!