Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today we went to the nursing home to visit my great grandmother (Granny Dear) and another special friend (Miss Godwin). We try to never go empty handed knowing that the tiniest gift can really cheer them up, so today we decided to take flowers. Granny Dear loves flowers but has a major thing against anyone spending money on flowers for her, sooo Molly made her some fabric flowers using my sweet friend Cindy's tutorial.

First I painted a few Shish Kabob sticks green to use for the stems. I just stabbed them into a cardboard box so that I could paint them all at once and they could dry standing up. Then I cut out the little fabric squares and Molly did the sewing while Maddie and I picked out buttons. We needed little pots that weren't breakable so I used styrofoam coffee cups, glued a styrofoam ball (like these) into the bottom, and glued ribbon and rickrack all the way around (Tim helped with that part). As Molly finished each flower Maddie and I would hot glue a button in the center and glue a stick to the back, I used little fabric scraps to patch over the back of the stick for more stability. Then we just stabbed the flowers into the styrofoam ball, added some rocks from outside (to add weight) and DONE! Quick, easy, cheap, not breakable, and cute as pie craft project!

Granny Dear and Miss Godwin both LOVED their bouquet! They were just tickled that Molly made the flowers herself and so happy that they wouldn't die in a few days. They were so cute deciding where they would display their flowers in their room, it was so sweet. Later on today the crafter in me was thinking about how cute this little project could be for small gifts, parties, kids rooms, cakes....Oh I can get so carried away by a good project!

PS. I should add that we only used four petals, not the five suggested in the tutorial because we were a little pressed for time. The flowers do look better with five petals ;)


Goosegirl said...

Sam! These are sooooo cute! The colors are so happy and fun and your girls were wonderful to bless Granny Dear and her friend that way.

Cindy said...

Samantha....those are so cute!!! I am thrilled you used my tutorial...I love these flowers. I think they are addictive!!!

Glad you visited your g.grandma and her friend. I know it must mean so much to her for your visit!!!

KY said...

Love these flowers! Beautiful color choices. You and your readers may be interested in this new free sewing eBook from Favecrafts in honor of National Sewing Month!


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