Friday, August 14, 2009

You just never know do ya?

You never know when you live out in the middle of 10 acres of woods just what kind of critters you may come across. The other day it was a big black racer snake, Tuesday night it was a cat food eating raccoon, and last night it was a game of cat and mouse on the stuff let me tell you! You can't buy entertainment like this people! These situations always bring the funniest things out of my children's mouths too....and lucky for you (and me) I caught two of these encounters on video.

Tuesday night Maddie came running from Tim's bedroom, where she had obviously been looking out of the widow, saying "Mommy, there is a weird cat eating the cat's food!". We all run in there to check (Mary was here too, Ben's baby sister) and instead of a cat we find a raccoon! Mary grabbed the camera and I recorded as we watched this funny little creature eat and listened to the hilarious things the kids had to say. Good stuff, let me tell you.

So then last night I sent Molly to the car for something and as soon as she shut the door behind her she came running back in screaming "The cat is killing a mouse!" Now, a normal family would have probably stayed in and maybe peeked out the window, but you know we've never claimed to be normal, so we ran out to see what was happening. After we saw that the cat and mouse both seemed to be having a good time playing we grabbed the camera. You know, every time we are in a situation like this I find myself more cracked up by the kids than anything, and believe me they didn't disappoint. Where do they get this stuff? I mean really?! Where do they learn this? I mean I know I'm weird but I'm not that weird! LOL! This post should definitely be filed under the "confessions of a hillbilly" category. Maybe I should even start a new one called "Hillbilly Entertainment". Waduya think?


Dawn said...

I wanna come live with you guys!!! We are so darn boring around here. I think my entire family is in need of the "True Hillbilly Experience!!" So set up the Hillbilly waterslide and have Tim and the guys whip up a Hillbilly rollercoaster and I'll pack up the kids and head south!!! Gosh, we'd have too much fun!!!

Trudy Callan said...

How fun. Who needs TV when you have such great live entertainment.

Candace said...

Hope that the mouse was healthy after biting the cat. Would hate for the cat to get sick. But that is about the cutest thing ever.

We had field mice that got into our house when I was a girl while we were on took months to get them all out. Every time we killed one we couldn't help but talk about how cute they were....little vermin.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny!

We slept out on our trampoline with the kids last night. About 11pm, I heard a rustling sound on the porch. Two skunks had found a bag of cheese doodles the kids left out. I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. They didn't seem too fond of my flash on the camera. My hubby told me he was going to laugh if I got sprayed.

I love the great outdoors :)

Have a great day!

Molly said...

Funny! So, did you fry it up for supper?! Kids crack me up. How great that you've caught these fun memories on video! Thanks for sharing.

Fine Stitchery said...

OMG!!! Samantha! Be CAREFUL of that racoon!!!!! They are terrible for carrying rabies and that first one looked SICK!!! Please put the poor cat's food inside!

Ok - now here's some REAL Hillbilly entertainment:right here in River City, Dawn! I have a small fish pond in my backyard, I used to have a bug zapper hanging near the pond, the bugs would get zapped, fall into the pond and the fish would have fun eating them when they hit the water. The neighbors used to sit around the pond at night watching the fish catch the dead bugs! High excitement!! LOL!!

tammiemarie said...

We watch hillbilly tv too! :) The other morning it was a pair of oppossums in my daughter's window well. That night, a raccoon on the porch - eating - yep, cat food. I'm ok with most of it - but in spring we found several copperheads and that freaks me out. I love hearing our kids make up stories about them - but I wonder what their teachers will think when they come to school talking about the critters!