Thursday, August 20, 2009

sick sick sick

That's what we've been this last week. Did you miss me? Believe me, I missed you! You and anything else that resembled the land of the living! Tim has a ruptured ear drum and staph infection (that they think could be MRSA, I pray their wrong, we will get the test back soon), and we (the rest of us) have all been stuffy with sore and aching ears and throats. I started to post several times but shrank at the thought and went back to only the things needed to maintain know how it is...but today I'm feeling about 70% and that is much much better than 10% so I am very excited! The week wasn't all bad though, Tim and I did have one little adventure in the park after his doctors appointment on Tuesday. I woke up that morning with a sore throat but didn't start feeling really ill until that evening. I always try to make doctor or dentist days special for each child by going on a special lunch date with the child that had to go. Usually we go out to eat, but since we are saving money right now to get our other little munchkins home, I packed us a lunch and we headed to the park near the doctors office. When we first sat down we noticed that the ducks seemed very interested in us because they all started our way!
They didn't seem to be to shy about it either! They came so close!
I got lunch all set out, while Tim laughed at the ugly one that kept quacking at him, thinking this was going to be a pretty good lunch date after all! We had homemade flat bread grilled chicken wraps, some Olive Garden dressing for dipping, and granola bars.
The ducks were really getting to be beyond brave though, and I was starting to get a little uneasy when...
...this big fella came right up to Tim and snapped his wrap right out of his hand! Then he ran off with it and they all fought over it! So now Tim, who is no stranger to a good flogging by our own dear rooster, told me that it was time to go. LOL! He was so serious too, he had this protective sound in his voice even, it was so cute.
So I quickly throw our things in my bag and we head up the hill and those crazy ducks started following us to the car! They were mad too! They were all shaking their tails and quacking and squawking like maniacs! What is it with us and our wild animal tales lately?? I wish I had had my camera with me and I would have got a little video of these nutty ducks, but I only had my phone to take pictures with. Tim immediately asked for the phone and called Nana and Daddy when we got in the car to tell them about our "awesome" lunch in the park, so all in all it was a fun little adventure. Poor little guy, even when he is sick he is still so much fun!


Cindy said...

We have cranky ducks in our area too. My little ones are fearful of them.....feeding the ducks just isn't much fun anymore. Sorry you've been sick. I was thinking about you today. Hope you are all are better soon!!! xoxo!!!

Goosegirl said...

Oh Sam, I will continue to pray for you all. I am glad you had fun in the park though.I recently had a "goose encounter" on our trip to Mendocino but fortunately, the geese were behind a fence. I got close enough for pictures, but stayed away from their sharp teeth.

I pray you all get well.

Pomona said...

It all looks rather scary! Hope you are all recovered very soon.

Pomona x

sharley girl said...

hey Sam I hope tim doesn't have MRSA we'll be prayin


Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

jenn said...

Hope your sweet family and you are better soon! It is always fun to go to the park!

lissilulu said...

oh boy! hope you are all feeling better and better everyday! the little under the stairs space is soooo cute! sorry I am short on time and have read several posts so I am lumping them together (I am sure as a mama you understand). :o)

Geese can be very scary. I am so glad it didn't bite his fingers when it grabbed his lunch. in hindsight I bet it was quite the adventure being chased back to the car by a bunch of feathered masqueraders!

Jaime said...

We have dealt with MRSA around here! My brother in law had it and the dr.'s meds were not helping so we gave him colloidal silver and it really helped. I know there is controversy with the stuff, but if you use a good quality one and don't take it except for serious stuff, your skin won't turn gray! MRSA is only resistant to antibiotics not the natural remedies, so check into them, eat garlic use tea tree oil on it or something, even slap a slice of garlic on a mrsa sore if he has one. I hope it gets better.