Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer 2009

I've been sitting here at my desk tonight thinking of all the things I love about this Summer...all of the things that I hope I will never forget...all those little moments that I wish I could hold on to forever... I already miss them...I can feel them already starting to fade as new moments happen and the Summer starts to come to a close....These are the things I want to remember: New adventures. Going back to the basics....back in time. Learning new ways to live more simply and being ever mindful of that pull to "the slow way".
Swimming holes. Squeals. Splashes. Smores. Friends. Bare feet and dirty faces. Sticky hands. Extra children. The way they can always see something new in such a familiar place. How little they are. How big they are. This place, our very own "secret spot".
New projects. How I drag them out because I don't want to miss one second with my babies.
Hard work. The pleasure that he gets from working the land. The pride. The straw hat. Storing away for Winter. Fresh tomatoes, still warm from the Sun. The mistakes. The successes. Muddy clothes. Helpers. The way they all have a job, and the way they swell with pride when it is done well.
Lessons learned. The way He gives and takes away. The sorrow and blessings that have overwhelmed us. A path made just for us. Valleys. Wells. The touch of His hand. The changes He made. Learning to fall and then be picked up and held. Trust. Sacrifice. Submission. The anticipation. The excitement. The love. The new dream of the children that will be. Thinking of them and praying for them, even though we don't know them.
Amazement. That look in their eyes when they have discovered something new. The colors.
A new space. The hard work that made it happen. Planning. Dreaming. Enjoying.
New life. Pure joy. Close family. The smell. The sound. The moment that love takes hold of your heart and leaves you forever changed.
New stages. Those little bits of them that I can keep. The thoughts that are captured. Watching creativity take hold and grow. The songs they sing. The way they sing. The words they make up. A fridge full of those captured thoughts and ideas.
Trips. New friends. Riding bikes. New places. Fire-side conversations. Swimming in a creek. Learning to swim. Seeing my parents enjoy my children. That bond that forms more easily in these places. Bunk beds. The smell of a campfire on your clothes. Ice cream. Late night giggles.
What do you want to remember?


Trudy Callan said...

I want to remember all of the precious quiet moments with my children and hold on to them, the fun we have swimming together, working together, cooking together, reading a book, discovering something new in nature or just going for a walk.

Heather said...

I will remember getting up bright and early on Saturday mornings and going on our treasure hunts (yard sales). Just me and my sweet baby. And when we can't take anymore and are worn out going to get a sausage and "bikit".

Goosegirl said...

Sam, that was beautiful. I love the drawings and your words.

I want to remember everything, even the hard things. My children have grown and changed so much this year. One is almost ready to leave the nest and just a few months ago I wondered if she was mature enough. But the maturity is coming at a rapid pace now and it is amazing and beautiful to watch.
My little one is growing in her ability to understand and make choices, as well as her hold on language. They both love people and Jesus and make choices based on that. It is beautiful.

Barbara said...

I love your drawings - so sweet. I'll remember this summer as the year my girl left primary school and in starting High school is taking her first small steps towards becoming an independent young woman.

Pomona said...

They are lovely drawings - I think it is so important to record these memories, otherwise they just slip away. Funnily enough, my last post was doing just that - recording a lovely evening on the beach all together. My oldest two are nearly grown-up, so I am so conscious of how these times together slip away so fast, and how important it is to savour them.

Pomona x

Marlya said...

Beautiful post Samantha-- thankyou!!

AdoptedAsHisOwn said...

You pretty much summed it up to a T!! Beautiful and ditto!
In Christ, Aimee'