Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Adventures

We had such a busy week from Thursday to Sunday. WOW. Thursday and Friday I was cooking and cleaning for my sister Rae's baby shower on Saturday. We had the baby shower at 10am and when it was over Ben and I headed to a wedding two hours away and we didn't get home until after 2am. Sunday was the usual, teaching my boy's Sunday school class (seriously, those are the coolest little guys on the planet), church, eat, and spend the day with the in-laws.
After such a busy week it was time for some playing! So Sunday I borrowed a couple of extra kids from my mother-in-law (this time it was the two younger girls) and yesterday we got up, packed a bag with food and water, and went on an adventure in the forest!
We were a group of doctors and nurses hiking through an African jungle trying to find an ancient tribe that no white man had ever seen before. We were sent to help with a terrible plague that had come through killing many people in the tribe. Along the way we collected many healing herbs and were followed by lions. Once we even heard a herd of elephants close by. Several times the lions almost caught up with us, but we were able to out smart them. Before I knew it we had been playing for hours! Isn't it strange how time flies when you are surrounded by trees, creeks, and trails?
We have had so much rain lately that we had lots of beautiful mushrooms to study too. The children are just so amazed by these things! They are all so different and intriguing.
We normally don't have enough rain to make many mushrooms so this was a rare treat for us. I looked and looked to try and find the names for these interesting mushrooms online but I couldn't identify even one.
If anyone reading has a clue please drop us a line! The children and I would certainly appreciate it, we would love to learn more about them. They are just so beautiful!
The children are already working on the next adventure story, I never know where we may end up! I heard Molly say something about a buried treasure and a map...we may be treasure hunters next time! Well whatever we end up being I'm sure I will love it, and I'm sure it won't last quite long enough...Happy Summer friends!


Jess said...

very neat... you are the coolest momma in the world, Sam!

Very Verdant said...

What a wonderful adventure. Those mushrooms are delightful.

lissilulu said...

what a great summer adventure!
I left a patch of grass in our enclosed garden to grow extra tall that the little girls will walk through to get to their secret corner that has a green bean teepee for them to have a secret garden.
love summer time!

Artfulife said...

So fun! I am pretty sure that Barnes & Noble sells a beautiful mushroom guide. It is chock full of beautiful photography so your girls could look through and learn more about mushrooms. They also have these guides for birds and other wildlife. Hope that helps.

GUGAW said...

these mushrooms are lovely!