Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Open Mic - More Summer Fun

I had some extra kids over yesterday and it was so hot outside that they had to come up with an indoor activity....we decided on open mic. They used the hearth as a stage and we put chairs around for the audience. Oh I love Summer games!
They took turns singing, dancing, and acting goofy while I got to sit back and enjoy the show. I think I enjoyed the audience as much as I enjoyed the actors! Do you see Maddie to the right there?? Princess PJ's, sunglasses, a bottle of grape Kool Aid, and a thumb in her mouth. LOL! I should really start a category just for Maddie's fashion sense, it really is the highlight of my day a lot of the time. By the way, she specifically asked that her Kool Aid (which is a special treat around here) be put in a bottle....and when a girl in sunglasses and princess PJ's asks for a bottle with her special grape Kool give the kid a bottle....nuff said. LOL! This little guy was one of my favorites! This is Molly's best friend in the world and uncle, Adam. Those two are as thick as thieves let me tell you, inseparable. He was born exactly six months before her. This kid is awesome! He was busting some moves that would blow your mind! LOL!
Molly and Aunt Mary did a sweet little dancing act too. I loved this picture. I can remember like it was yesterday being that way...telling secrets and giggling with my friends. I love these silly kids!
Today we are headed back out to the water park. Have I ever mentioned that I live minutes away from a theme park?? I don't think I have.... well I do. It is in the neighboring city. It has a water park and regular rides and roller coasters. We have season passes so we go at least once a week, it is so much fun! I haven't bought passes in years because it was so much hassle when the kids were smaller. They couldn't ride many things so it just didn't really feel worth the money or frustration then, but now, oh now we could go four days a week and not get tired of it! I guess that is one thing that makes the kids getting older seem fun instead of sad.....getting out isn't near the struggle it was when they were all smaller. When we were there Tuesday we rode the big river raft ride five times in a row! We all got to ride on the raft together (these six kids and me) and we laughed and giggled the entire time. We also kept scaring one of the girls that watches to make sure everything is running smoothly and everyone is behaving nicely, it was soooo funny! She had a little stand near the edge of the water, we would wait until we got right up to where she was and I would count to three and we would all scream! LOL! We got her every time! She would just crack up laughing every time she fell for it. I've told you before that I have the humor of an 8 year old boy. I can't help it.... This Summer is going to be one of my favorites, I can already tell! I hope you all have just as much fun!


Desiree' said...

priceless!! Thanks for the fun idea!!

EchoOfMercy said...

Sounds like fun. I love Alabama Adventure!:)

sylvia said...

Sweet memories in the making!! I found your blog sometime ago and haven't commented (or have I...LOL) at any rate... I so glad to have run across it. Brings back memories of when my kiddies were small.

Crys said...

Sybil Sadie... I know what ya mean... I felt the same way too... I wanna get back home again just as much as you... There's no one here to guide us... But we have the strength inside us... Sybil Sadie...

AHA!!! Brings back memories :) Remember the stage we made?? And we draped the ole pink rug over it.. And hid under the deck like we were in jail using vasaline as tears?? WOW... that was forever ago... :)


jlarson750 said...

Sounds like they had a ton of fun! It is getting to hot to play outside, my little man has so much energy to burn. Enjoyed looking over your blog!

little dresses said...



Oh yeah, I remember every word to that song!! LOL! We could put on a show couldn't we! There are so many times that my kids remind me of us when we were little!



Tiffany said...

that sounds like so much fun!