Friday, June 19, 2009

Her fairy dress...and a few random bits.

Maddie "needed" a dress made from this fairy fabric last weekend. You know how girls just need things from time to time....ya, that's how she needed this. So I made her this little dress that was inspired by this one from Chasing Fireflies....I just LOVE their stuff, but it's usually a little too fruffy for my girls (and yes, fruffy is a word here and it means frilly or gaudy in case you didn't know. LOL!). It's kinda funny because these fruffy dresses look great on the girls in the catalogue, but on my girls they look way too over-the-top. I really do like how our version came out, it's girly and a little frilly but still has that simplicity that I love. My camera wasn't liking all this hot humid air so it kept fogging up on when I saw the pictures I thought the fog made it look a little more fairyish (another great word that I may or may not have just made up). Maddie was a little grumpy this morning too, which was just one more thing that made me think this was not going to be a successful photo shoot, but then I thought the grumpy pictures were cute.
How is she so cute even when she is being so grumpy?? She's not grumpy very often...I think that's why it looks so cute to me. I bet it wouldn't be so cute if she was grumpy a lot. Things like that do tend to loose their cuteness when you get too much of it.
Look at her hiding her face! That cute little brat, I could just smother her with kisses! Do you see her little pouty lips and the way she is cutting her eyes? She was upset that the sun was in her eyes. There she is, my grumpy little fairy.
On another note, we got another adoption agency packet yesterday! It's just ridiculous how excited I get every time one of these shows up in the mailbox! We have quite a collection of them now but we still haven't decided on an agency yet. We hope to be decided in the next couple of weeks so that we can get the ball rolling. Yay!
Oh, and here is a close-up of that fabric in case you wanted to see. My mom bought this fairy fabric for us last Summer at an heirloom shop. It doesn't have a name on the selvage, sorry, I tried to find it on the internet too but had no luck. If anyone knows anything about it could you leave a comment? Thanks.
Did you see that Dawn opened up her shop this week? She has the sweetest little skirt pattern hot off the press and ready for purchase and instant download. If you haven't seen it go look! It's so cute!
And just to add another bit of randomness to this post....Abe is doing great. He is already a nursing pro and the kids all love him to pieces. Rae jokingly said last night that the girls "love him to death" LOL! You know those little two year old hands can be kind of rough when you are as little as Abe. Poor little guy, he has no idea what he has been born into does he? This is a rough family, there are always at least five children fighting for a turn to squeeze him, but he will make it...the rest of them turned out fine. I meant to get some better pictures of him last night when I went to visit but that would have meant putting him down to take I guess you know what happened. I just sat there and sniffed and kissed him until the nurses told me I had to go home. It was heavenly. HE was heavenly.


Desiree' said...

We have used (or rather started the process with AGCI) never did follow through with them. Have used 6 agencies though with three adoptions. (home studies, gotta love em) Anyway, if you email me privately I can tell you about our experience adn one is a well known christian agency I would NEVER recommend to my worst enemy....
Love the dress!!
(it's not AGCI)

Dawn said...

Oh Sam, I love the dress. I thought that was the one you were talking about. I did a version of that one for Abby too.

Thanks for the plug, BTW!!!

I can't wait to see more pics of baby Abe. All that hair was killing me!

Beach Mama said...

I like your fairy dress much better than the catalogue dress! I have the same problem with many if the custom boutique kind of clothes. My girls look best with less fruff too! I'll head on over to Dawn's site and check it out. Good luck selecting an agency. I know how hard it can be trying to compare everything. The right one will surface for you!

Daddy's Girl said...

I have really enjoyed visiting your blog. Keep up the good work!
Also, Abraham is so precious! Please give Rachel my congrats.

God bless,
Bethany Dudley

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog, and want to say congrats on your sweet new nephew. I also hope your own arms will be full again with a mall one before too much time passes! I chuckled as I read this post, because I too read Chasing Fireflies, fold down page corners, and try to make my own copies at home. I particularly love the pink gauchos with the ruffles all over the bum and down the back......too cute.

Tereza said...

the dress is adorable! /you are sure talented and the foggy pics came out great:)

Renata said...

Hi, I've only just found your blog & just had to comment on that dress - it is the most gorgous dress I think I've ever seen - & your daughter is a cute model! Looking forward to following your adoption journey - it must be so exciting!

mary said...

I too love that catolog, but not the prices. Plus my girls are all very short and super frilly, just makes them look shorter. I would love to know how you made the dress, if you would like to share.

Anonymous said...

The fabric is Garden Fairies by Nashville Cotton. I know that Bessie Mary in Texas has it. All the little girls love it -- pink and fairies. What's not to love?

Jackie said...

I just love the fairy dress--you have to share how you made it--looks simple just wondered if it was two layers there. You are so very talented

Kim said...

love the dress! i agree with the others that you must share how you made it!

little dresses said...


I'm *thinking* of making this one a pattern, because after this post I had so many emails. It's a little too in depth for a tutorial, but it would be an easy little we shall see!