Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First day back in the loft.

It has been well over a week since I have been in my loft and I have really missed it! Of course things are a little behind, there are lots of emails to answer and work that needs to be done (ahem...Miss Iris!) but it feels good to be working at it again, and in a clean house to boot! Ben and I started cleaning on Sunday night and I finally finished up last night. Clean houses make me happy. Our Spring cleaning was a little late this year, but at least it finally happened! We threw away/ gave away so much junk! It is amazing how much "stuff" you accumulate in just one year. Where does it come from?
Anyhow, back to the loft. I am looking forward to a full day of work so I started it out right with a cup of my favorite flavored coffee, and a sweet little girl to keep me company.
I did have to bribe her to stay with me though. What? Did you think I was above bribing my children to stay with me instead of going outside to play? Well I'm not, I assure you! The big kids went out to play and I persuaded Maddie to stay in by getting out a little ceramic bunny tea set that I keep put up for special tea parties. She took the bait! Does it get any better than this? A clean house, a cup of coffee, and a little girl at my feet having a tea party with her dolls and her special tea set. Life is good.


Goosegirl said...

The tea party looks wonderful and I know it must be so nice to be in a clean house. I am still working on it, but not very hard.

Did Rae have her baby yet?

little dresses said...


NO! SHE IS STILL PREGNANT!! Can you believe that?? I will definitely be posting the minute I can with baby pictures though, so don't worry, I will let ya know.



Carol Lin said...

Hello! I recently received the "Lovely Blog Award" and I was asked to pass the award on to sites that I feel are deserving. I have chosen you as one of the recipients. Your blog gives me a warm fuzzy feeling =) Please visit my blog for more details!

Beach Mama said...

We love tea parties here at the Sand Castle! I can never seem to have all of those wonderful things at the same time, mainly because my house always needs to be cleaned. Four kiddos makes it tough to stay tidy. Glad you are back in the loft!

Heather said...

Awww, precious! I'm at work and it makes me want to go get my sweet baby and play with her. Is Rachel having a boy or girl? When is her due date? I will be praying she has a safe delivery! :-)

lissilulu said...

your day sounds like pure bliss to me!

jenn said...

Sounds lovely too me! Waiting for baby pics! I know that Rae is SO ready to have her baby. Baby Blessings to her!

est said...

what a cozy lovely place to be :)