Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter dresses...sneak peek

The Easter rush has begun! You know...when you wait until the Monday before Easter to decide what to sew.... Well it's starting to come together now and hopefully by Easter morning we will have finished dresses. Hopefully. LOL! Here is a "little" list of what I still have to do:

:: Embroidery on both dresses

:: Sleeves and lace for Maddie's dress

:: Make pink slips for both girls

:: Entredeux and lace on the neckline of Molly's dress

:: Buttons and buttonholes for both dresses

:: Lace for the sleeve of Molly's dress

:: Hems on both dresses

I hope to be posting pictures of finished dresses soon!


seemommysew said...

Those are so amazingly beautiful, Samantha! Simply gorgeous!

Artfulife said...

They look lovely! Can't wait to see the finished dresses.

Megan said...

wow! Down to the wire on finishing those. I am so jealous of all these sewing projects going on. My machines are all packed away to get ready for us to list our house.

KarenH said...

Soooo pretty! I can't wait to see them finished and modeled! :)

Alisa said...

They are beautiful!

Mindy said...

How beautiful! Can't wait to see the end result!

Kristin said...

What patterns did you use. They are beautiful!

Ahavah said...

:0D are you going to hide the wellies?....

jenn said...

Oh so beautiful! Your girls will look like little angels! What material did you use?
Can't wait to see the slips and everything all finished! Happy Easter!

little dresses said...


Hey Kristen!

I just used a regular yoke dress pattern (any one would do) and I just layered on the puffing :)You could think of it like you make fabric out of puffing and the you cut the dress out of that. Hope that answers your question!!


The fabric is imported Swiss Imperial Batiste by Spechler Vouge. Oh it is sooo yummy! It has a beautiful sheen to it too, almost like fine silk, but it is the softest fabric ever! I am in love with this stuff!



sammon said...

Gorgeous! Love,love, love them!!

I'm finishing my little girl's dress today. Most of it was done last Sat. I used your gather tutorial for my gathers. I'll post the dress today or tomorrow. If you'd like to take a look.