Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow Day!

Oh! We had so much fun on our little snow day. To understand our enthusiasm you have to know that it has been over 12 years since we have had this much snow - and we only had about 4 inches, and even that was gone by lunch. This far South you can't even buy a snow suit! Thus the picture of me below with the thrifted, men's, just-in-case-it-ever-snows suit. LOL! We picked that baby up from the thrift store where all of the snow birds dump their real snow clothes when they move South. Does that suit have 1992 written all over it or what? (Did you know that Southerners call Northerners that move South for the weather "snow birds"? Well we do.) And for a change I wasn't stuck behind the camera! Rae, with her baby bump, had to refrain from rolling in the snow so she took over the picture taking for the day. Yes!
Snow is so magical to us! It looked like fluffy white cotton balls falling, it was beautiful!
Mom and Dad came over to play too and I just loved this picture of my Dad. This is him. Holding a baby (Maddie) in one hand and a camera in the other, wearing an awesome hat, and just going with the flow. Too bad he was standing next to 1992 in this picture. LOL!
The kids played until every last speck of the snow was gone. Poor babies, it only lasted about four hours but we were so happy to at least get it that long! Molly came in once and said, in a very sad voice, "All the snow is gone now Mama". But I had just spotted some on the back deck that they had not seen, so I told her about it and I heard her shout as she ran away "Tim! Maddie! Come on, hurry! Mom said she found more snow on the back porch!" It was so cute!

This first video is of Tim and I flying down the hill on our "sled" face first with him on my back. OK, so the sled isn't really a sled, it's more like a piece of an old tarp that we cut up that morning. But it worked!

This one is of me pushing Tim and Uncle Jake down the hill. I totally push like a girl. And how does Tim end up on EVERY ride down? That little hitchhiker!

And this last one is Molly and I having a roll race down the hill. Boy when I say I got out from behind the camera I meant it didn't I! 1992 wasn't playin was she?


Charlene T said...

Up in the North we have snow from Dec to March, and by February when we wake up and see another snowflake, we often turn around and crawl back under the covers to hide from it! It is wonderful to be reminded that snow really is another miracle, pretty precipitation sent to help mark our seasons! Thanks for sharing your families enthusiasm!

Molly said...

Cute! We can relate to that love of snow as we go 4 years without it while we are in Peru. Our girls LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it when we were in the States those 6 months and it snowed more than it had since I was a kid! They had been praying for snow. Daddy warned them that while it snows some there in IN that it usually doesn't snow big until January and we were only going to be there thru December. God answered that prayer in a BIG way and it was a great teaching opportunity. They had such fun and I loved seeing them enjoy it so! It brought back sweet memories as I watched your videos...while sitting here in my shorts and flip flops! Ha! :)

Stacie said...

What a great day!!! Love 1992! I wish we were there to play with you guys!

โอ้ท^@@^OATH! said...

It was first time for me to see real snow , and also first time skiing . I was excited , but there were too much snow for me and really cold. Anyway, I like skiing even falled all the time ..haha. I looked at your videos were fun.