Saturday, March 7, 2009

All is well!

Once again God has overwhelmed me with his love and kindness! I was so sad writing that last post, feeling a little betrayed and hurt. Feeling a little like I would need to keep my guard up from now on and maybe not post about all the things that I have posted about in the past...but then the sweetest thing happened....a dear lady, who will be from now on a dear friend, wrote to apologize. All of the sad feelings were instantly replaced by compassion as this mama explained that tragic circumstances in her own life had caused her to respond the way she did to my post that day. What courage it must have taken to write back to me to ask for forgiveness! God instantly changed my heart, and what could have been bitterness, is now an overwhelming love for this sweet mama who was hurting. If things had not happened the way they did I would not have this precious friend. What a testament to God's amazing love. It's absolutely beautiful how he can bond us and fill our hearts if we just lay aside our prideful human-ness and walk in his ways.

Oh dear friends, I feel so honored that you would all come here and read what I have to write, encourage me when I'm sad, and laugh with us when we are laughing! My outlook is so different now than what it was when I wrote that last post. I feel so blessed to be able to call you all friends. Thank you!




Molly said...

God is SO good to us, isn't He?!

RachelQ said...

WOW that is wonderful!! God is great!!

Ahavah said...

Well that's a relief! I would have hated if you had decided not to be so sharing after this little setback.

I am so glad that 'alls well that ends well.'

Linda B said...

My heart goes out to Deborah. I'll keep her in my prayers.

Artfulife said...

What a beautiful thing. How brave she truly was.

Chas said...

What a beautiful story, I am glad for both of you to obey the Lord's prompting.
Thank you for being obedient.

Let it go... said...

Maybe tis a part of life....maybe...

Anonymous said...

That is really sad that someone, or even more than one person, would spend their life leaving nasty comments to others! What is wrong with them? If they don't like your blog, then why the heck are they reading it!?!

I just found your blog, but good for you for homeschooling! I may end up doing that with my oldest next year.

Don't let them bother you. They are the ones with issues!