Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New! "Birds and Blooms" hand embroidery designs!

I have a brand spanking new hand embroidery design pack, “Birds and Blooms”, out today. There are over thirty new, fun, fresh designs included in this new design pack (including small and large designs). The “Birds and Blooms” design pack is available now in the shop as a PDF instant download for just $6!
Some of you may remember when I first mentioned these way back in the Summer.....Well at least they're done now right!? LOL!
I also added a bonus design from the Miss Madeline pattern (pictured below). Happy stitching everyone!


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful!

Ahavah said...

I love them too.... now I wonder where I could put them?

I wonder if I could sneak them onto dodi's tallit katan.... I wonder if he'd notice? :0D

Lindsey in AL said...

My best friend just turned me on to your blog- so much sweetness, I don't know where to start. I should probably start with finishing our lessons for the day :D

I wanted to let you know that your "sewing patterns" link at the top of the page actually sends me to your "homeschooling" page. I will definitely go hunting for your sewing patterns though!


little dresses said...

Thanks Lindsey! I just fixed it. How do those crazy things happen?? A few posts down I have a link that spread through half of the post! I's like they grow! LOL!

Thanks :)



Anonymous said...

I'm one who has been watching for this. I just ordered it on my husbands account (thank goodness for sweet husbands!)

I have four sick little girls right now. I have been trying to find sit-still type things for them to do without involving a tv screen and this will be perfect for my older two.


little dresses said...

Oh Deanne!I hope everyone is feeling better soon. I'm sick too with a sore throat, ears and sneezing. Yuck. Molly said this morning that her ears are starting to bother her :( Mus be in the air...

I hope you all enjoy the designs!