Saturday, February 21, 2009

Miss Lily :: Big Girl

It's getting deep over here! I have hit that stage of all-out-work on the Miss Lily pattern. Even when I am sleeping I am dreaming of one detail or another....a way to cut sewing time here or to illustrate a step there, talking to my favorite advisers (you know who you are) about decisions that have to be made this week.....It really is exhausting and rewarding all at the same time.
Today we got out of the house a bit to visit the printer for more Miss Madeline patterns (are we really in the SECOND PRINTING of that pattern?) and to visit a few sewing shops. It may be hard for some to believe, but I don't really get to fabric shops very often. I usually go only out of necessity, like today, when it's time to re-stock the shelves. I'm such a home-body!
It hit me today while I was out shopping that I had not shown a picture of the bigger Miss Lily on Molly. How did I miss that? Probably because Molly is so shy behind the camera and Maddie is the one always saying "Do you want to take a pisher o'me mama?". Little ham. So here is the Miss Lily on my big Miss Molly. Oh my, she is big isn't she....when did that happen?
Well friends I better head back into "Miss Lily country" so I can make this next deadline. I will probably be back Monday with some sort of Lily post- sorry guys it's all I can think of right now- or maybe it will be about that other little something I've had up my sleeve....We'll just have to see.
PS. You can click all the pictures to elarge and see the details better.


Cindy said...

The dress looks GREAT, Samantha!!!! And I can't believe how big Molly has gotten either!!! Such a sweet girl!!! She always looks so calm and peaceful!!

RachelQ said...

What a sweet dress!!! I love it!!!

laura said...

Can't wait for the new pattern!

MarĂ­a Xi said...

I love this dress.
Greetings from Santiago de Chile