Thursday, February 5, 2009

:: The list for my weekend getaway ::

I love a good list! I make them all the time to keep me on track throughout the day. So today I'm going to post my list. All of the men are in the mountains "roughin-it" so all the girls (Rae, Lily, Iris, and my kids and I) are headed to Martha's house (my mother-in-law) for the weekend! It's going to be such a blast! Flavored coffee and hazelnut creamer will flow like water, we will probably still be up giggling long past midnight, and the kids will be as happy as pigs all piled up "camping" in the living room floor. Fun stuff! Here is the list....(Just click on the list to enlarge it :) And, yes I always start the list out "Project"-something-or-another....It makes my list look so cool.


Megan said...

You're adorable. That is all.

djStoreRoom said...


Cool list!

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muralimanohar said...

That's what I need. A weekend getaway, with just girls, and the kids can entertain themselves, as kids do when they become a mob. Who wants to volunteer to host it? I would, but I have a dh plopped down in the middle of the livingroom, with no plans to move. *sigh*

Marlya said...

Have a fun weekend!! I love your list.

Meghan said...

Reading this makes me wish I had such a great relationship with my inlaws. I don't think we've ever giggled together. I don't really see it happening either. Sigh. I think I need to find a super fun local in-law stand-in family, so I can wear pajamas and drink hazelnut coffees. Have fun!

little dresses said...



Please try! Martha and I haven't always got along so good. I mean, I took her first baby away! But I never gave up trying to build a relationship with her even when I felt like I was being pushed away. I kept thinking about how you love what you take care of. When you take care of a person or a relationship you eventually build a love that wasn't there before. Think of an adopted baby. We all know that they can be loved just like birth children, because of the simple fact that people love what they take care of. When you nurture something,give time, and stretch your emotional comfort just a little you will start forming a bond. You can love her like a mother if you nurture the relationship. It is so worth the effort in the long run! Think of Ruth and Naomi, they had such a special bond. I promise you that they had to work at it! And then look at all of the blessings that came from their relationship! Try calling your Mother-in-law just to tell her something funny that the kids said. Forget your own resentment (you have to be selfless) and send her a kind note in the mail. Take her to lunch one day. Have the kids make her something special and take it to her. You can stand your ground on certain issues that you may have, but at the same time remembering this "Honor your Father and Mother". You and your husband are one in Gods eyes which means that is your mother too, honor her. You will be so blessed! I promise!

It took me about five years to get where I am now but God has blessed me so much for the effort! I can honestly say that I love Martha like my mother, and she loves me as her own daughter. Since I honor and respect her she does the same for me. When little misunderstandings come up I never let them go without talking to her. After all the work I put into this I will not let our relationship be damaged by something so silly.

I hope this comes across as encouraging! I really believe that we can all have this if we are willing to lay down our own pride and work for it! You will be rewarded for being the first to budge. Please, please, try. (and don't take this the wrong way and get mad at me!)



Meghan said...

You are too sweet!
I definitely appreciate where you're coming from. Thanks!