Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Crocheting- Puppy Hat

My hook has been hot this Winter! Last night I made this little puppy hat for a very special little friend of ours. She's a bonafide puppy lover (I kill me!) so I think she will like having a puppy hat to keep her warm when she is out playing. Maybe she will like it so much that she won't mind it being over a week late for her Birthday!
I made the hat with cotton worsted weight Sugar and Cream yarn so that her mama could machine wash the hat (hopefully she will need to wash it often!), and the little brown ears, nose and eye is cotton sport weight because that's what I had in my stash. The Sugar and Cream yarn is perfect for projects like this because this yarn is very soft and can hold up to repeated washings, in fact most people use this yarn to make dishcloths. And did I mention that you can buy this yarn at most Walmart stores? Almost everyone has a Walmart. We have a new Target close to home too. I wonder when they will start carrying yarn?? They need more craft stuff don't they. All of the craft stores here are on the other side of town. OK enough rambling. Have a nice day friends!


LadySnow said...

Very, Very cute!

cjoy said...

That is adorable!
I love this yarn. One of my favorite uses is burp cloths. Someone made me some and now I give them as gifts to new babies. :)

Kim said...

Sweet hat! I use that yarn for baby hats and booties, too.
What we need is a nice yarn shop over by the new Target, don't you think? Then that shopping center would be complete.

Mary said...

Love the hat! If Target starts carrying more craft supplies, I will never have money. LOL!

~LisaLou~ said...

Such a cute hat idea. You are so creative!

est said...

so cute!! nice job! :)

SHEILA said...

The hat is very cute, but Molly is cuter (if cuter is a word).

little dresses said...


I say you should be in charge of heading that yarn shop up! You could at least write Target about the yarn supply...I saw that they have it online?? What's that about? Are they just trying to tease us?? Hateful people. LOL!


little dresses said...



Doesn't matter if "cuter" is a word or not, it's true, and that's all that matters!


MonsterBug Blankets said...

Hey there--thanks for your comments on my blog! Yep, we're in AL--near Dothan. We're transplants--the military brought us here, now we're settled.

I LOVE the puppy hat--how sweet! :) And getting a present late just means your birthday is still going on, right?!

:) Jennifer

Emily said...

How adorable, wow shes so cute the hat matches her perfectly, I think u should tottaly do something about wrking with target, it should totally work! I think what will look nice with those hats are the Belle Ame skirts from Elegant Mart.