Friday, January 9, 2009

Knitting and Crochet

Ever think you would see knitting here? I didn't! Well the other day I got this wild notion that I would teach myself to knit (like I don't have enough to do already), so I made some knitting needles out of some things I already had at home and watched you tube videos until I got the hang of it. I think I like it. I am very slow and my stitches are pretty uneven, but I can knit and purl now.

These knitting needles were super easy to make. I used a dowel rod that was a little smaller than a pencil. I chopped it in half (Using our little hatchet from the fireplace- What am I some kind of mountain woman? Shees!) then I sanded them down to a dull-ish point and use fine sand paper to get them really smooth all over so they wouldn't snag the yarn. I sharpened the other end with a pencil sharpener too and glued on these wooden beads that I had in my stash. Then I filled the other end of the bead with wood putty, when it was dry sanded it down smooth, and painted just the bead and putty with clear nail polish. Pretty easy huh? There were several videos on how to make these in various sizes all over the Internet, but I sort of used bits of each of them using what I had on hand.

The basket is one that my Granny gave me some time ago. I wanted to use it for crocheting where I could leave my yarn it it while I was working, but the yarn kept catching on the insides of the basket. So I just lined it with fabric and now it works perfectly, and it makes it very easy to take my projects from place to place too.

On to the bag....This was my between Christmas and New Years project. Ben and I will be leaving for a little childless vacation soon so I wanted a light bag to carry. The yarns are hemp (except for the green accent) that I got from a local shop. (I have only visited there three or four times but I found out this last trip that the owner sells her own PDF knitting patterns. )
I lined the bag with a funky little floral fabric, added a zipper, a pocket and a fabric flower. It didn't turn out quite the way I had it planned as far as the color goes, but I'm happy with it. I guess a little funky never hurt anybody!


LadySnow said...

That bag is really cute. As for the knitting...I think I have taught myself to knit probably 10 times, but it never sticks. Maybe I will try again and actually remember how to do it without having to look it up all the time. LOL

Coralee said...

incredible job - I love the colors!

Joy said...

he he he- so you caught the bug too? I finally am close to finishing the scarf I started in September. I dread binding it off!

Loving that bag-even with the green! Course, I am biased because mint green is one of my favorite colors. *laughter* Enjoy the child free vacation, Mrs. Mountain Woman!

Oliver Rain said...

The bag is adorable. Good for you for learning to knot. It's always fun to learn new skills. I am so impressed that you made your own knitting needles. You are a renaissance woman.

Kim said...

*gasp* So much crafty goodness in this post!

Marlya said...

Very nice bag!! I love the colours! I learnt to knit when I was a little girl (my mother and grandmother are champion knitters) but I just never really took to it. Crocheting is more for me. I love the knitting needles you made- you're so creative!!

Danielle said...

sam i can't tell you how much i admire you! :) the bag is too cute too!!

cjoy said...

I liked seeing all of this! Maybe someday I'll give knitting a whirl. At the moment, I'm still refining my crochet skills...
For my birthday my husband has given me a specific amount of money to take to a cool, local yarn shop I've only dreamed of buying yarn from. I'm trying to think of a specific item to make so I know what kind of yarn to get versus adding to an overgrown stash. I believe I'll be crocheting a granny square messenger bag I have a pattern for.

laura said...

way to go on the knitting! I've stopped and started so many times I can't remember! Each time, I have to re-teach myself. I'm sure you'll make something fabulous.

Where are you going on your kid-free trip? exciting!

Shelly said...

Way to go! Now you and I have something else in common! I love to knit, although I'm no good at socks yet. You are an inspiration. Love this blog even more now. Shelly

Meghan said...

Oh, you'll love knitting! It fills in those times that you thought you just couldn't at red lights, or during favorite tv shows...and there's so many lovely patterns. Ravelry is a great resource for finding patterns and checking out knitting books to see if they're worth buying. There's also tons of free patterns there that you can search for according to what yarn you have, or what needles, etc. Really handy. It's in beta so there's a lag in signing up, so I recommend that you just sign up now, before you need it, so that when you're ready to use it you're good to go. OH! They have TONS of free crochet patterns too- so great!

little dresses said...


We are going to the Mountains! We go every year in January, it's always such a blast for us and the grandparents (who normally don't get the kids for more than 1 night).

I can't wait!


little dresses said...



I have heard so much about Ravelry from knitters that I signed up as soon as I could! I think it has been about 2 days now, but I haven't heard anything yet. I can't wait! Thanks for the tips, you have got me all excitedd!


affectioknit said...

Great job with the knitting - best wishes for continued knitting success!!!

lissilulu said...

beautiful bag!

mariegrace said...

Welcome to the slippery slope that is knitting. Here's to hoping you are soon completely consumed with tiny stitches of the wooly variety!

Have fun!


jenn said...

Oh how fun! Knitting is great. I can't believe how awesome those knitting needles are, Wow! Love the bag it is super funky!

latoniar29690 said...

I love reading your blog. It isn't very often that you find someone who loves to crochet AND uses the word "help meet" to her husband.:-) We seem to have alot in common..I have read and reread and reread Created to be his help meet..if you have not read is wonderful! You can find it at Have a wonderful day...I love your sewing patterns too! ( I have not mastered that art yet) :-) I have tried...and will try again...maybe when the kids and I take a summer break..I homeschool my four children so it does not leave much time

little dresses said...

What do you think I should make for my first knitting project? I want to make something instead of wasing all of those stitches! The thought of a scrf right now though seems waaay to long...I need more instant gratification. LOL! Any ideas?




little dresses said...

I have read that book two or three times! It is a great book. Thankfully Molly is to the point that she reads most of her lessons now, so I get more free time. But Next year I will have to start all over with Tim needing the 1 on 1 teaching as I teach him to read. I better enjoy in while it lasts huh? LOL!

Have a wonderful day!


Ahavah said...

My grandma once told me that the secret to even stitching is to: relax, hold the needles 'loosely' and use an even tension on the wool.

If your garment comes out to 'tight' - loosen off the tension. If the stitches are too 'loose' tighten up slightly on the tension. If the garment is uneven - then put the knitting down, make tea and relax your shoulders.

You know something - crochet is something I have never learnt to do - you have nearly encouraged me to 'have a go'.... I love the puppy dog hat so much.. but still I hover at the edge of what to me is a very deep lake. Dare I take the plunge?


Anonymous said...

The bag is so cool! Is this your own pattern?


Knit and Crochet Pattern Chat said...

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