Monday, December 22, 2008

A very productive Sunday afternoon.

Why didn't somebody tell me that Christmas is only like three days away? Shame on you! You should have reminded me! LOL! While I was sitting in church yesterday (after leading my little flock of Sunday schoolers into service- woo!) it hit me that I had a lot to make for Christmas, and THAT CHRISTMAS IS ONLY DAYS AWAY! I have no idea how it crept up on me this year, maybe I wasn't paying attention. I decided that instead of going to my mother-in-laws and overdosing on flavored coffee, like I do every Sunday, that I would come home sew. It really turned out to be a pretty productive day too! So here is the loot.
First up is an apron for my little Madeline. She has asked for a "pink kishen" (kitchen) for Christmas so she needed an apron and a few cloth napkins to go with it. I really like the way it turned out, even though I had no clear plans when I started cutting away at the last of my favorite three pigs fabric.
I plan to make Molly a half apron out of the same fabric for working in her kitchen AKA my kitchen! *insert evil laugh* "Molly, want to wash dishes? You can use your new apron!" Think it will work? Let's hope so.
I also had a baby gift to make so I ran to Target and picked up some basics for a baby layette. I got long sleeved Gerber onesies, little Carters pants, and a pretty knit blanket.
I bought this train a while back at a local sewing shop for 1$. It would be very easy to crochet this train, but for a dollar! it's not even worth trying! I appliqued the train on and then embroidered "train up a child" underneath. I was going for a child-like writing, I hope it comes across that way and not "wow she's really bad at writing". Then I crochet a very simple little lamb....
and then a simple toy sail boat.
I couldn't just be done with that, his head would be cold. So I whipped up this little newborn cap. Is there anything better than a little crochet cap? with a pom-pom on top? I love this cotton yarn so much too, it is so soft. I think if I ever have another baby I will have one of these caps for every day of the week! I was pleased with the layette when I was done even though I thought it may not turn out as good. I like that everything coordinates and they can all be used together, which does come in handy when leaving the house with a new spitting, pooping, baby. It's nice not to have to change ALL of their clothes because of a wet top or bottoms.
Last up is Olivia's (my 3 year old sister-in-law) Dorothy dress. I gave her the one I made for Molly when she was 2, but now she has grown out of it and has been very adamant that she have another...Soon. Every time I see her she asks "Samantha, did you bring my Dorothy dress?" So I'm thinking that she is going to be very pleased when I give her this and a Mae doll on Christmas Eve. Yeah, about that Mae doll, she is on today's list...along with two other Mae dolls for Lily and Iris, Molly's apron, more napkins and dish rags for Maddie's 'kishen', two little diaper bags for Molly and Maddie, PJ pants for Tim, a good picture of the kids in front of the tree, and a trip to the post office.
But first I'm going to sit in this little sunny spot here and drink my cup of coffee. I need it, after all that sewing I made it to bed around 3:30 this morning. Thank goodness I'm not really tired! I'm on a roll! Just you try and stop me! (as to that last part- I think I have watched way too many kid movies lately... it happens)


tara said...

Your last picure is so lovely. Very calm and sunny.
You have a full plate but its looks like you making your way with it. And a lovely layette.

LadySnow said...

It is all so cute! I really love to Train up a child. :D

Anonymous said...

I think your layette is precious! I particularly like the onsies. Too cute!

Becky said...

I love all of your creations Sam. I visit your blog like every day from work so I can keep in touch with that side of the planet! I even check it the whole time I was in Kuwait! Your babies are growing up to be so beautiful. I love you guys.

Marlya said...

Wow Samantha-- you were on a roll!!! I am making a doll for my niece for Christmas-- it is nearly done and thought I had plently of time to make a dress for her too-- until I realised that tomorrow is Christmas eve--- how did thta happen??

Your sewing is great, as usual!!

Ahavah said...

I love the little crocheted lamb... and the lovely little boat... you did all this on Sunday afternoon? I have been making a little linen bag for months and still it is not finished...

You inspire me into action! Blessings.

jenn said...

I just love all of your creations! The baby layette is so precious. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a blessed 2009!


lissilulu said...

no-one told me Christmas was that close either.
good job on all of the sewing/creating!
Have a Merry Christmas!

Tyler and Brenda Foss said...

You are so creative! I absolutely adore the Onsies you made, they are too sweet.

I wish you a blessed Christmas as you celebrate the birth of our Savior with your family and loved ones.


gatornic said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. I'm going to pretend I'm not insanely jealous that you got that many projects done all in one day. Amazing. You are so talented...I love the pompom on the cap, could you whip one up for me? lol :) Love your handiwork, just love it.

Alviana said...

so cute! i really love that dorothy dress. Mery xmas! :)

Ericka said...

WOW!!!!!!! I'm serious! WOW!!!! You make it all sound so easy:). Very beautiful apron and the little boy blessed with those duds is going to be oh, so very cute!!!! Wonderful job! And Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. I just love that sweet little apron. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

I love the onesies those are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a pattern for the sweet blue baby hat?

little dresses said...



That's one of my make-it-up-as-you-go-along hats :) I intended on putting up a tutorial but it never happened. You can find lots of cute baby hat patterns for free at "crochet pattern central".