Thursday, October 30, 2008

More quick applique projects.

Hello friends! Just checking in real quick, we have been so busy this week! Monday we had friends over all day, we were in Tennessee at Amish Country Tuesday, and yesterday we started tearing out our hearth and fireplace and we were laying brick until midnight last night! Ben has made a run to Lowes to get more mortar so I am having a short break. He will be off work until Sunday so I may not be here much until then. We are hoping to finish this brick hearth and wall by Friday night!
This is a zip up hoodie I got for about $17 and I stacked a fabric flower, big button, tiny yo-yo, and a little button, to make a cute little flower embellishment. I wore it Tuesday and I really liked it so I am thinking of doing more embellishment projects for myself.
This shirt was for Molly I think it was $5 -cheap!- all I did was add a circle of fabric with some double sided fusible web, put on tiny yo-yo's to make a flower, embroidered french knots on the end of each "petal", and then added a button to the center.
This one was for Miss Maddie and I used my free pattern HERE but changed up the stem a bit. This time I used 1/8" grosgrain ribbon and just tacked it down with a small hand stitch about every 3/4". I really like how this one turned out. I love red, pale blue and turquoise together!
Well I better run! I am going to try and find a You Tube video on laying brick! LOL! I think we have "the curse of the do-it-yourselfers"!


Joy said...

Step away from the mortar, and no one gets slimed... he he he.

These appliques are so cute! Try not to catch the 'bug' too badly. It can get frustrating and expensive, LOL! :D

tara said...

How cute. I need to set up my printer and get some of those appliques!

Familia Stilwell said...

Those are all so cute! Enjoy the time with your hubby this weekend!

The John Family said...

Cute! So I open up my email and check out the new one sent me and I see your dress patterns! How cool is that!? Thanks for your kind words and advice. We are doing really good.

Anonymous said...

Those are lovely, Samantha!